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Moving fast or doing something in a short time.
  1. with infinitive 'he was always quick to point out her faults'
  2. 'Keep the defence tight, and when on offence, I want to see quick feet and fast passing.'
  3. 'Despite a two-and-a-half hour rain delay, Williams was quick off the blocks, racing to a 4-lead in the first set.'
  4. 'They also need to be quick on their feet and incredibly alert and aware.'
  5. 'I am easily provoked, and rather vicious when my toe is stepped on, but I'm quick to cool down and fast to reasoning.'
  6. 'We've got excellent linebackers because of the speed there, and we're fast and quick up front.'
  7. 'They are a fine team with very fast and quick forwards and they are pressing for the top place in the group and if they beat us they will do that.'
  8. 'Mrs Young said the secret of her success behind the bar was quick mental arithmetic which helped her to keep track of the orders without the help of a cash till.'
  9. 'Mathias was a quick learner, in just a short time he could perform the kicks satisfactorily.'
  10. 'Another aspect of Swedish business success is that the country's firms are quick to recut their cloth to suit changing times.'
  11. 'With electric gates which can be operated from either end of the pit cows make a quick entry and a fast exit.'
  12. 'we went to the pub for a quick drink'
  13. 'Bails was tired but met for a quick drink after work.'
  14. 'Before looking at the results, let's do a quick recap on what happens in the formation of an embryo.'
  15. 'We were supposed to be having ‘a quick drink’, but it ended up being dinner for about eight and the bar actually ran out of wine.'
  16. 'But a quick word with the proprietor of the local service station reassured me otherwise.'
  17. 'Finally, a quick look at what happened in Scotland in April.'
  18. 'A quick test shows this happens with enough browsers to make it funny (I didn't find one that worked).'
  19. 'There are no quick fixes for the grief and anguish after the death of a loved one.'
  20. 'However, a succession of penalty corners from Aldridge resulted in two quick goals and suddenly the game was slipping away again.'
  21. 'As the room swirled and tumbled around him, Fleet caught only a few quick glimpses of what happened next.'
  22. 'The set was two and a half hours of music with a twenty-minute interval for drinks and some quick reprogramming of the lights and video projectors.'
  23. 'A skin test is usually done first because it is quick and straightforward.'
  24. 'The result is quick response both around town and on the open road, plus levels of fuel efficiency and economy that rate at the top of the class.'
  25. 'It looks like the new fast track to quick money is being a test user.'
  26. 'Low-intensity warfare of this kind does not bring quick results and much of the work is low-key, repetitive and painstaking.'
  27. 'However if we want a quick result on a short session they are ideal.'
  28. 'Four children, three boys and a girl, were born in fairly quick succession.'
  29. 'His military skills resulted in quick promotion in Carranza's constitutional army.'
  30. 'They began to price land and they began to open up for investments and for trade, which led to quick results.'
  31. 'Pests should be controlled with a quick shot to the head or fast acting poison.'
  32. 'It is seen as the least dangerous of the notorious cobra family but its bite can still cause rapid death without quick intervention.'
Prompt to understand, think, or learn; intelligent.
  1. 'You realise professional goals with intelligence, quick thinking and good management.'
  2. 'I am quick to learn, and incredibly hard working, but I'm a bit of a loner and would need a competent team for support.'
  3. 'However, their quick wits and intelligence often brings them through, and they may make a fortune from nothing.'
  4. 'But in private, it was clear that this guy was very smart, very quick to learn.'
  5. 'His brilliant blue eyes always twinkled brightly, he was smart and a quick thinker.'
  6. 'He was quick to learn and was literate in both English and Irish and had a good understanding of the Brehan law.'
  7. '‘He's pretty quick on the uptake,’ she replied.'
  8. 'With its quick intelligence, it has no trouble learning its name and how to use a litter box.'
  9. 'He is a pioneer with an astute intellect and has a quick wit.'
  10. 'Endowed with a keen sense of perception, they also have quick minds.'
  11. 'Blaze sat looking out the window for some time, her quick eyes darting along the part of the street she could see from the window.'
  12. 'Making money in this segment will require careful management and a quick eye on micro-trends.'
  13. 'He signaled secretly to his gang, but the cold man's quick eye caught everything.'
  14. 'Other worthies pilloried him for his strokeplay, dismissing the values of strength and quick eye in favour of grace and beauty.'
  15. 'Possessing a quick eye, and sly about it, they never let slip an opportunity or an advantage when it comes their way.'
  16. 'If one trusts the cuttings - there are tales of files being thrown at unfortunate juniors - Stevens has a quick temper.'
  17. 'Age and size are a bad mix, and Brown has a quick temper and slow feet to boot.'
  18. 'Troy Stevenson, a murderer, was formerly a big man in the drug business with a quick temper and a bigger attitude.'
  19. 'Helena had a quick temper but rarely flew into a true rage.'
  20. 'I have a quick temper which can flare up and be over in seconds, which makes me rueful, but at least provides bystanders with entertainment.'
  21. 'I had a quick temper, and my way of controlling it was to avoid responding or talking to people.'
  22. 'To her finer qualities must be added a quick temper and considerable hauteur, more readily apparent to the Chinese than to most foreigners.'
  23. 'Denise has little concept of humility, and allows her quick temper to interfere with her common sense.'
  24. 'Now I realized that it was his cold anger that I feared, and not his quick temper.'
  25. 'Contrary to popular belief, Marla did not have a quick temper, she was simply angry all the time.'


At a fast rate; quickly.
  1. as exclamation 'Get out, quick!'
  2. 'And it is that a company can play quick and fast with procedural rules, and escape action.'
  3. 'The world was a blur around us and if I tried to focus outside the circle of movement, I got a headache pretty quick.'
  4. 'I'd like to point out - most people are talking about how quick you need to do this.'
  5. 'I adapted pretty quick to it so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.'
  6. 'Her heart beat quick as she ran into the office and lifted the shade to witness the flood.'
  7. 'When he drew it back real quick he stabbed himself in the neck with it.'
  8. 'But trading standards staff are warning that there is no guarantee of getting rich quick or even getting your original stake back.'
  9. 'How quick we have forgotten the sacrifice demanded of those whose homes and communities that stood in the way of the inner relief folly.'
  10. 'So get your ducks quick as they are flying out of the place.'
  11. 'The smart lines drop in fast and quick, with some great gags that click two seconds after you think they should.'


The soft tender flesh below the growing part of a fingernail or toenail.
  1. 'Their hands were inspected, nails cut to the quick if polish was found.'
  2. 'If you cut into the quick, the claw will bleed and the cat will experience pain.'
  3. 'I removed my hand from my mouth when I realized I had chewed my fingernail down to the bleeding quick.'
  4. 'I am at this moment being vetted for my suitability as interviewer and my nails are bitten to the quick.'
  5. 'As she packed, I saw her hands and her once beautiful nails were bitten to the quick.'
  6. 'Its implications cut to the quick of the British constitution.'
  7. 'Finally someone's cutting right to the quick of a very important subject that's all too often ignored.'
  8. 'The PRSI changes cut to the quick of a constituency that she and her party hold dear.'
  9. 'It neutralises the whining about failing to address the issue because it cuts to the quick.'
  10. 'The vote or die campaign that was launched by young Afro and white Americans stung the heartland of America to the quick.'
Those who are living.
  1. 'They will die as you died, in the footsteps of the dead that were quick.'
  2. 'From the salvation of the dead we move to the healing of the quick.'
A fast bowler.
  1. 'If Bridgetown's Kensington Oval was a fortress for the Caribbean quicks of the 1970s and 80s, Eden Park became the impenetrable battlefield of the lack-of-pace New Zealand attack in the World Cup.'
  2. 'However, there is enough help for the seamers to persuade both teams to play three frontline quicks.'


1. done, proceeding, or occurring with promptness or rapidity, as an action, process, etc.; prompt; immediate: a quick response.

2. that is over or completed within a short interval of time: a quick shower.

3. moving, or able to move, with speed: a quick fox; a quick train.

4. swift or rapid, as motion: a quick flick of the wrist.

5. easily provoked or excited; hasty: a quick temper.

6. keenly responsive; lively; acute: a quick wit.

7. actin

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be quick in reactings."

"analysts can be quick to cautions."

"people can be quick to plays."

"unions can be quick to recognises."

"times can be quick in patients."

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Old English cwic, cwicu ‘alive, animated, alert’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kwiek ‘sprightly’ and German keck ‘saucy’, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin vivus ‘alive’ and Greek bios, zōē ‘life’.


cut someone to the quick
a quick one
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