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Small and weak.
  1. 'The females, for whom size apparently does matter, find the males puny and unappealing.'
  2. 'Can you imagine Sachin Tendulkar being reduced to tears by some puny little coach?'
  3. 'Despite being puny, I could beat all the boys at school.'
  4. 'One of the truly distressing studies of recent times showed that a majority of Scottish men choose to be overweight because they don't want to appear puny.'
  5. 'Surely, as this puny, completely drunk man lay on top of that poor child, any one of them could have yanked him off?'
  6. 'But a too short, too skinny, too old quarterback with a puny arm could be changing that.'
  7. 'He has a puny physique, so he cannot be only an action hero,.'
  8. 'In Angel's mind, she thought Gunther was short and puny but sweet.'
  9. 'You've got muscly legs, which are the size of pins, and muscly arms, which are puny!'
  10. 'Grendel, a puny lean man with a wicked narrow face and a long nose, was enjoying a pink bubbling liquid in a gold bath.'
  11. 'A starter confit of duck turned out to be one very puny, dry and underseasoned duck leg which tasted roasted not preserved in salt and fat as a proper confit should be.'
  12. 'It is simply not worth the hassle to deal in such a puny amount - dealing costs will take out a hefty chunk of any profit on the shares.'
  13. 'Japanese policemen's guns are small and sort of puny.'
  14. 'Her list of credits would make your puny little life look like a bad joke.'
  15. 'Third, stay in the book business long enough to change the market dynamic and plow all those pitifully puny stores under.'
  16. 'My lack of faith and fear about writing now seemed puny and indefensible.'
  17. 'The reaction so far has been a sweeping condemnation of the team's hitters, who are described as inept and puny and feeble.'
  18. 'It is a reminder that for all that the human race has accomplished in increasing its power over the environment, it is still puny in the face of the great natural forces.'
  19. 'The answer that, ‘We are too puny to understand the purposes of God’ is not an explanation.'
  20. 'Severe infections result in pale, puny reds and weak whites.'


1. of less than normal size and strength; weak.

2. unimportant; insignificant; petty or minor: a puny excuse.

3. Obsolete. puisne.

More examples(as adjective)

"totals can be puny in markets."

"scenes can be puny next to mainstreams."

"scales can be puny in ses."

"scales can be puny by comparisons."

"powers can be puny in ses."

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Mid 16th century (as a noun denoting a younger or more junior person): phonetic spelling of puisne.