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A soft, wet, shapeless mass of material.
  1. 'When the water is cool enough, use your hands to mash the pulp as finely as possible.'
  2. 'The hands that Marion used to warm in her gentle mother's hair, are the same frozen hands her father beat into a bloody swollen pulp, when Marion once disobeyed him, at age five.'
  3. 'My father was seconds away from beating Tyler and me to a bloody pulp.'
  4. 'Open out the body into a flat piece and scrape away the soft interior pulp.'
  5. 'The worst of the worst what is left after basic consummation the longitudinal fibroma of sugarcane stalks the iridescent pulp.'
  6. 'One rainy night the offices were flooded, soaking several till rolls into a mushy pulp.'
  7. 'I set to the task of bagging it up before it collapsed into a heap of pulp and, when I was done, stood up and stretched my back.'
  8. 'Other than soggy pulp with the odd shard of pain.'
  9. 'When the famine came around here it was terrible, the lovely drills of potatoes were just getting ready to blossom and overnight were turned to stinking, rotting pulp.'
  10. 'According to P. Manoharan, Project Director, PACHE Trust, a tonne of paperboard could be manufactured from three tonnes of sugarcane pulp.'
  11. 'Jane suspends the pips in muslin to help the marmalade set, but I just use the juice and fleshy pulp from the inside of a lemon… it does the same trick.'
  12. 'However, they are not pests because palm civets digest only the outer pulp of fruit, passing the coffee beans unharmed through their digestive systems.'
  13. 'Wash the seeds well, rubbing to remove any pulp.'
  14. 'Mango being the season, its pulp is being readied at one corner.'
  15. 'Getting any sort of fleshy pulp was very difficult, so I squeezed the fruits to get decent amounts of liquid.'
  16. 'Wet waste connotes anything generated from the kitchen - vegetable and fruit peels, pulp, left-over food matter.'
  17. 'Bright flies were embedded in the stringy pulp, the glistening flesh of the fruit.'
  18. 'Avocado has another use though, the mashed pulp of the fruit makes for an excellent and natural face-pack.'
  19. 'The pulp of Baobab fruits has a taste like the cream of tartar and is used to treat fever, dysentery and stomach ailments in some parts of Asia.'
  20. 'Avocado oil is produced by mashing the pulp of the avocado fruit.'
  21. 'Second, heat drives lignocellulose resin (ie, lignin) out of the wood's pulp during the sterilization process.'
  22. 'Owners of legal sawmills, plus a multitude of illegal ones, compete for raw materials with the large pulp companies.'
  23. 'They are used for the first chemical processing step of converting wood chips into pulp for paper manufacturing, primarily in the sulphate or kraft paper process.'
  24. 'It is also the world's second-largest producer of chemicals used to bleach pulp for papermaking.'
  25. 'Made asked the companies, such as pulp and paper mills, to start considering the import of logs from other countries including Australia.'
  26. 'His favorite tree could one day be processed into pulp.'
  27. 'It was printed in 20 colors and was made from a combination of pressed paper pulp and adhered lithographic elements.'
  28. 'Next comes the scooping stage, which requires the most skill, because the amount of pulp scooped and the evenness of its spread on the frame decides the quality of the paper.'
  29. 'The two tycoons have been involved in a long-running legal dispute centring on the ownership of two of Russia's largest pulp and paper mills.'
  30. 'As vice president, Megawati in 2000 actually allowed its operation resumption but the company was only allowed to produce pulp and no longer rayon.'
  31. 'Human teeth are made up of four different types of tissue: pulp, dentin, enamel, and cementum.'
  32. 'As the decay nears the dental pulp you may suffer from toothache.'
  33. 'The bulk of the tooth consists of the bony substance dentine, surrounding the soft inner pulp that contains blood vessels and nerves.'
Popular or sensational writing that is regarded as being of poor quality.
  1. 'Stark, terrific book - is there such a thing as philosophical pulp?'
  2. 'Popular pulp fiction and radio sow the seeds of resistance to social injustice.'
  3. 'It's a fast-paced pulp science fiction yarn with compelling characters.'


Crush into a soft, wet, shapeless mass.
  1. 'In short, their personalities have been pulped by a system of entrenched gender stereotypes.'
  2. 'Picking bakeapples and pulping them into the most delicious jam on the face of the planet.'
  3. 'The coffee is then pulped to remove the berry kernels and then the beans are dried.'
  4. 'About mid-career, in order to create a mask of professionalism, many journalists tend to pulp the optimism and joy they first felt at writing.'
  5. 'The mash was nice and creamy, but not pulped to mush, and then there were some crunchy sweet potato crisps to top it all off.'
  6. 'the publisher had the right to pulp all unsold copies'
  7. 'The key to writing a bi-weekly column throughout the summer is to write a column a week in advance of its appearing on the news stand that will still be relevant three weeks later when the issue is finally pulped.'
  8. 'Here's a positive point, then: there's still nearly three months for someone to discover a copyright problem and pulp the whole lot.'
  9. 'Your book is found to be libellous and the publisher doesn't want to get sued, so they cancel publication, or if it's been printed, withdraw the book and pulp it.'
  10. 'Sadly, it is difficult to get hold of as the copies not yet sold were pulped by the publishers when the ‘fraud’ was discovered.'
  11. 'When I was at Pantheon, we received a memo saying every book that sold less than 2,000 copies a year should be pulped, as if it had a contagion that would have infected the other books in the warehouse.'
  12. 'Then it's shipped off to a paper maker, where it will be pulped, de-inked and turned back into newsprint.'
  13. 'The Federal Opposition says a leaked copy of a now pulped colour brochure has revealed the Government's real industrial agenda.'
  14. 'And this doesn't included the sixty billion paperbacks printed every year, half of which are pulped and set to Japan to make toilet paper.'
  15. 'The cards and envelopes are pulped and recycled to make new products.'
  16. 'The product was hastily withdrawn from the market and all 2,000 copies had to be pulped.'

More definitions

1. the soft, juicy, edible part of a fruit.

2. the pith of the stem of a plant.

3. a soft or fleshy part of an animal body.

4. Also called dental pulp. the inner substance of the tooth, containing arteries, veins, and lymphatic and nerve tissue that communicate with their respective vascular, lymph, and nerve systems.

5. any soft, moist, slightly cohering mass, as that into which linen, wood, etc., are converted in the making of paper.

6. a magazine or book printed on rough, low-quali

More examples(as adjective)

"producers can be pulp."

"manufacturers can be pulp."

"fells can be pulp."


Late Middle English (denoting the soft fleshy part of fruit): from Latin pulpa. The verb dates from the mid 17th century.


beat (or smash) someone to a pulp