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(especially of part of the body) unusually swollen.
  1. 'The skin becomes swollen and puffy, and pits on being pressed.'
  2. 'His left foot seemed a bit bigger, puffy and swollen.'
  3. 'My arm muscles were cramped up and felt like they were made of lead, my eyes were swelling and my cheeks felt puffy and warm.'
  4. 'Her eyes were puffy and swollen, signaling that she had just spent the last ten minutes crying her heart out.'
  5. 'My dark green eyes almost looked as if they were going to swell shut with how puffy and pink they'd become.'
  6. 'It's weird, it almost feels puffy and swollen (but it doesn't look like it).'
  7. 'Most bodybuilders refer to water in the pejorative, fingering it as the cause for water retention or a puffy and bloated appearance.'
  8. 'You have to poke them and watch their soft puffy bodies give away and bounce back, hypnotizing you into taking them home and daring you to eat them.'
  9. 'Her face was red and puffy and her body was shaking.'
  10. 'His eyes were red and swollen, his face puffy, and his nose running badly.'
Soft, rounded, and light.
  1. 'A further variation is found in the rich shortcrust used for the Russian coulibiac, which differs in being made with yeast, which makes it light and puffy.'
  2. 'Outside the town, they had built a factory producing chemical fertilizers which sent at times huge puffy purple clouds over the surroundings.'
  3. 'Her voice was light and soft as a puffy white cloud.'
  4. 'The sun was shining, the clouds were puffy, white and scattered, and it was very balmy.'
  5. 'The back even has puffy white clouds to signify sky, replacing the old standard of parallel arches and lending a greater degree of realism to the piece.'
  6. 'The small puffy cumulus cloud takes 10 minutes to form and 10 minutes to decay.'
  7. 'While there were several white, puffy cumulus clouds in the area, they looked far from ominous, and I saw nothing to cause us concern.'
  8. 'Instead of a light, puffy, cherry-studded pudding, the result was a nasty, pasty, cherry omelette that was scraped into the bin before anyone could see it.'
  9. 'Cream crackers, light and puffy sweets, are also popular.'
  10. 'The sun burned the mist away a couple of hours after dawn, and left us with a blue sky populated with the very best kind of puffy white cloud.'
  11. 'a puffy blue ski-jacket'
  12. 'Elaine would be wearing a floor-length, old-fashioned, pink silk gown, complete with puffy skirt à la Gone With the Wind.'
  13. 'Shoving his hands into the pockets of his tremendously puffy jacket, he heard crinkling and pulled out a slight crumpled piece of paper.'
  14. 'You don't see me wearing any puffy dresses, do you?'
  15. 'It could be that my judgment has become impaired by all the puffy dresses and diamonds in these magazines.'
  16. 'They shuffled in carrying composition notebooks and wearing puffy jackets, tapered jeans, and Timberland boots.'
  17. 'Plus, I think I could carry off the pirate look, puffy shirt and all.'
  18. 'I had a white towel wrapped around my head, a white robe wrapped around my body and a black puffy Cinderella dress waiting for me by the closet.'
  19. 'I dug out a white puffy jacket that always seemed to make me look twice the size I really am.'
  20. 'The bottom half was a gigantic, puffy skirt that would probably be calf-length on anyone else, but would probably wind up being just below my knees.'
  21. 'You'll never again have to wear three sweaters and a puffy jacket to look wide.'
(of wind or breath) coming in short bursts.
  1. 'He got all puffy and started breathing hard again.'


1. gusty1 .

2. short-winded; panting.

3. inflated, distended, or swollen.

4. fat; plump.

5. conceited.

6. bombastic.

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"eyes can be puffy in footages."

"eyes can be puffy at sanatoriums."

"faces can be puffy."

"eyes can be puffy."

"clouds can be puffy."

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