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(of a person, especially a woman or child) attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful.
  1. 'She was disgustingly pretty, with beautiful sapphire eyes and smooth complexion.'
  2. 'It was a computerised person, a pretty female with a high pitched, girl voice.'
  3. 'Good thing it's nice outside and there are pretty girls walking past.'
  4. 'He blamed it on the fact that he was a naturally shy person, around pretty girls especially.'
  5. 'The guy gave in; he couldn't say no to that pretty girl in the nice dress.'
  6. 'Met a really nice and pretty girl on the train home tonight, a student at Portsmouth Uni studying marketing.'
  7. 'She was very shy and she didn't understand what a lovely, pretty girl she was.'
  8. 'If he hadn't known her there was no cheating, just him being a man attracted to a pretty woman.'
  9. 'Except for when they told her she was pretty and could attract any guy she wanted.'
  10. 'He even used to note down who sat in which carriage, and what people wore, especially pretty girls.'
  11. 'a pretty summer dress'
  12. 'When two girls came in, in an effort to be polite he told one that the dress she wore was pretty.'
  13. 'Carina Round drops in to provide the prettiest of pretty harmonies and for just one song the world is at peace.'
  14. 'She has beautiful even skin and her hair is short and undyed, flecked pretty silver.'
  15. 'The sun shone above brightly and the birds sang pretty songs from their places in the blossoming cherry trees.'
  16. 'She watched the bird with interest, it's pretty song distracting her from what would soon be happening.'
  17. 'Each child is bound to know many, along with a pretty song and maybe even a little dance.'
  18. 'Is It Up to Me, a really pretty song, was taped live during a rehearsal at the Pyramid on one of those four track cassette jobs.'
  19. 'The lead singer wearing a pretty dress and summer sandals added to the airiness of their set.'
  20. 'She liked pretty dresses and nice shoes and she enjoyed being a little lady.'
  21. 'The same held true for clothes - Mary had an intuitive understanding of the power of a pretty dress.'
Used ironically to express annoyance or displeasure.
  1. 'The game began and for thirty minutes it wasn't a pretty affair by any stretch of the imagination.'
  2. 'Played in horrible conditions with gusting gales and sweeping rain this was never going to be a pretty affair.'
  3. 'This was far from a pretty affair; in fact it was downright ugly.'


To a moderately high degree; fairly.
  1. 'it was a pretty bad injury'
  2. 'It is a good vintage and the prices are pretty reasonable in comparison to the 2000.'
  3. 'This morning's exam was not too bad at all - pretty straightforward.'
  4. 'It was a pretty bad injury, and it was pouring blood onto the already stained carpet.'
  5. 'Funny, she thought, his injuries looked pretty bad just ten minutes ago.'
  6. 'He sent me quite a handsome apology for his abuse of me so I think he is a pretty decent sort, basically.'
  7. 'Their match at Bad Blood was pretty decent and I enjoyed it to a certain degree.'
  8. 'I think there are still people who don't realise that it does affect your life to a pretty serious degree.'
  9. 'The great irony is that being so fit can be pretty unhealthy.'
  10. 'There were two pretty bad ones, but the worst injury was called a sucking chest wound.'
  11. 'Well, yes they did, and we agree that 50 billionths of a degree Kelvin sounds pretty chilly to us.'


An attractive thing, especially a trinket.
  1. 'Now Paradise isn't exactly Eden, yeah, it has a few pretties and it is quite big, but the walls are still coated in sticky mud and, if compared to other cave passage, you might conclude that it is more oppressive than most.'
  2. 'As promised, three trunks, several hatboxes, and a few normal-sized suitcases had been carefully placed in the center, Amy already working at the task of freeing those pretties and lovelies that rested within.'
  3. 'I also saw necklaces, many pretties and some uglies too!'
  4. 'Roses have an allure that is difficult to ignore, and having long ago succumbed to the charms of these velvet pretties, I now take some time each spring to revel in their plush petals.'
  5. 'This role will give Leo's career a shot in the arm, I feel, rather than sink him to a level of ordinary boy-toy pretties of the Tab, Rock, Troy milieu which Mr. Bailey eschews.'
  6. 'In today's pop culture the pretties fight back.'


Make pretty or attractive.
  1. 'Were the amateurs doing science, or just prettying up the pictures?'
  2. 'Now, as another historical note, when I was a kid the most popular kind of lights were the big-bulb multi-colored ones, which didn't really have much class, but sure prettied up the living room.'
  3. 'Our contribution is being prettied up to make it appear that all our soldiers will be doing is helping rebuild communities.'
  4. 'Most of us wouldn't choose a career where everything we interact with is prettied up and dumbed down.'
  5. 'Some of it is tricky to navigate (it hasn't been prettied up yet) but I think it's worth a bit of your time.'
  6. 'Many of the same themes dominate in bathing suits, with bikinis leading the market but prettied up in charming flower prints, elegant stripes and bold patterns.'
  7. 'Kingston's town centre rangers were busy prettying the borough last week by planting some 250 mature geraniums.'
  8. 'The Temple Walk is between potato fields which was a bit disappointing but they were prettied by bee-friendly blue borage.'
  9. 'The good news is that Greg beat me here by a few days and had prettied the place up a bit, so I could find my mail, check my email, make coffee, and go take a nap.'
  10. 'I knew that the film was a sanitised version but I had no idea just how much they prettied it up.'


1. pleasing or attractive to the eye, as by delicacy or gracefulness: a pretty face.

2. (of things, places, etc.) pleasing to the eye, especially without grandeur.

3. pleasing to the ear: a pretty tune.

4. pleasing to the mind or aesthetic taste: He writes pretty little stories.

5. (often used ironically) fine; grand: This is a pretty mess!

6. Informal. considerable; fairly great: This accident will cost him a pretty sum.

7. Archaic orScot..

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"people can be pretty close to things."

"wines can be pretty away from quenchings."

"villages can be pretty out theres."

"structures can be pretty with deficits."

"spinneys can be pretty in springs."

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Old English prættig; related to Middle Dutch pertich ‘brisk, clever’, obsolete Dutch prettig ‘humorous, sporty’, from a West Germanic base meaning ‘trick’. The sense development ‘deceitful, cunning, clever, skilful, admirable, pleasing, nice’ has parallels in adjectives such as canny, fine, nice, etc..


be more than (or not) just a pretty face
pretty much (or nearly or well)
a pretty penny
pretty please
be sitting pretty