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A rounded or cylindrical container, typically of metal, used for cooking.
  1. 'They have only necessities, such as two or three cooking pots, a few plates, wooden spoons, and very few articles of clothing.'
  2. 'He stood up decisively, and took on of their cooking pots, and collected some rain water.'
  3. 'In ordinary kitchens of all periods, cooking pots were made of unglazed Nile clay, sometimes with a burnished slip coating.'
  4. 'The remaining challenge was to scale up the process from samples the size of postage stamps to cylinders as big as cooking pots.'
  5. 'Some make it into their cooking pots, while others are sold for a tidy profit ranging from B20,000 and up.'
  6. 'When there was enough room for both of them to stand outside, Maggie fired up the two-burner stove and started melting snow in both cooking pots.'
  7. 'Fabric softener sheets are claimed to clean baked on foods from cooking pots and pans.'
  8. 'She placed a cooking pot in the sink, filling it with warm water before setting it on the burning, turning the knob to high.'
  9. 'Pliny the Younger gives us the romantic tale that Phoenician merchants first noticed that glass was formed under their cooking pots on the beach.'
  10. 'These paste attributes suggest the multipurpose nature of these vessel forms, used as cooking pots and containers.'
  11. 'a yogurt pot'
  12. 'They cooked on board their boats in a small bastible pot set inside a larger one, which held the fire.'
  13. 'Her house is a small thatched cubby-hole with an empty grain storage pot.'
  14. 'Mr Ogogo also demonstrated traditional coil pot design, sculptural techniques and how to design and make traditional jewellery.'
  15. 'After the salads comes a selection of different breads, then three large clay pot tureens of soup.'
  16. 'The soup arrived, bubbling away in a huge clay pot thing.'
  17. 'She started the coffee maker for the whole 12-cup pot, she would end up drinking that and more.'
  18. 'At the Kittling Ridge Estate there are guided tours of the winery and distillery, with its vast fermentation cellars, copper pots and oak barrels.'
  19. 'A pot of sorghum beer is placed in the center of the room with numerous reed straws, and participants come forward to partake.'
  20. 'As exotic and exciting as the double handshake was the sorghum beer handed around in mud pots.'
  21. 'I poured the steaming hot black coffee from the pot into my thermal cup.'
  22. 'After dexterous moves with the coffee machine, pots and cups, the Espresso is ready for tasting and then on to the other brews.'
  23. 'In fact I tried several times after first filling the pot with beer.'
  24. 'All of the water you put in the coffee maker eventually comes out of the maker and into a pot or a cup, albeit as coffee.'
  25. 'A waitress will come to your side with a set of small tea cups and pots, each with a different function.'
  26. 'Together we drank five cups and the pot was still not dry.'
  27. 'a pot of coffee'
  28. 'Along with the higher cost of produce, I find the charges in the cafés extortionate, with a pot of tea for two costing up to £2.50.'
  29. 'After practically giving up coffee for a couple of months, I had a pot of dark roast Friday.'
  30. 'The competition for the night is for a pot of the best homemade blackcurrant jam.'
  31. 'I could never draw with a steel quill worth a damn, so I kept a pot of ink and a couple of nibs above my mouse.'
  32. 'Fortified by a pot of tea and a toasted teacake at a transport cafe we again found ourselves on the A75.'
  33. 'Yesterday she was braving a chilly wind for a pot of tea outside Sid's Cafe in the town centre, and wondering why she had left behind the 90 degree heat of Arlington.'
  34. 'There always seems to be a pot of the café's delicious trademark hibiscus, ginger and cinnamon tea steeping on the counter.'
  35. 'Ann couldn't be persuaded to have more than a toasted teacake and a pot of tea which was a ‘special’ at £1.50.'
  36. 'So sit back quietly in that agreeably familiar comfy chair, treat yourself to a pot of weakish tea, and let me put the case for the rise of the dull man.'
  37. 'Ann had a pot of tea which was offered with either fresh milk or a sachet.'
The total sum of the bets made on a round in poker, brag, etc.
  1. 'The highest bidder places the number of counters bid into the pot.'
  2. 'Players pay the final difference between their total and the winner's total to the pot before the winner collects the final pot.'
  3. 'If there is a tie for either high or low, the players involved in the tie split that half of the pot.'
  4. 'And if you happen to catch an ace or a king, that's likely to win the pot too.'
  5. 'At the end of a hand, the dealer retains anything that is left in the pot, and the deal passes to the next player.'
  6. 'The winner of the pot in the poker stage begins the play by leading a card face up in front of them.'
  7. 'I decided to just call so as to keep as many as possible in the pot.'
  8. 'Then, besides winning the pot when I improved, I'd also win a few of the times that I missed!'
  9. 'If either of these players is nearly all in, you'll need a fairly decent hand to raise the pot.'
  10. 'You merely need to extract more value from the pot than you put into it.'
  11. 'in insurance, everybody puts money into the pot used to pay claims'
  12. 'Then people pay a bit more when they buy certain things which is a fair tax and that money goes into the pot.'
  13. 'The councillor said she understood there needed to be money in the pot for works but the fees charged in rural areas were too high for people.'
  14. 'The idea has been mooted before but this time there's actually money flowing into the pot.'
  15. 'Maldon District Council has a pot of more than £400,000 to spend on new facilities for children and young people of all ages during the next 18 months.'
  16. 'For income of only £14,000 per annum at retirement a pot of about £255,000 needs to be built up.'
  17. 'Together they will create a pot of £450,000 a year and the first signs of how that money will spent will be seen on September 23.'
  18. 'These included pulling the plug on winter gritting to ensure there was enough money left in the pot to pay for snow clearance.'
  19. 'There just won't be enough money in the pot to pay for it.'
  20. 'A councillor frustrated at not being able to give a pot of cash away to people in Bolton is overjoyed after 14 groups applied for the money.'
  21. 'What private accounts can do, but the pay-as-you-go system can't, is grow the pot of money available for people to retire on.'
A prize in a sporting contest, especially a silver cup.
  1. 'England, after winning their qualification group outright, have been placed in the second of these four pots.'
  2. 'There are, depending on the league, big and small pots to the winners at the end of the year.'
  3. 'Il Capitano finished top of his heat having accumulated all the low-denomination chips, meaning that he had won a great many small pots uncontested.'
  4. 'Now, more than two decades on, the Blues boss is desperate to get his hands on the old pot once again and he will be stressing to his players about the opportunity they have of going down in folklore.'
A pot belly.
  1. 'It's also a very good pattern for anyone who has a bit of a pot, because the crossgrain hangs down straight, and totally diminishes a pot.'
An engine cylinder.
  1. 'They've squeezed a very creditable 192 bhp from the four pot, 16 valve motor.'
A shot in which a player strikes a ball into a pocket.
  1. 'He fought back to take a nervous 14th frame with both players missing straightforward pots as the tension mounted.'
  2. 'Both players looked nervous in the 16th, missing straightforward pots before White eventually took the initiative and the frame.'
  3. 'The 24-year-old picks up a cue straight off the rack and proceeds to dazzle me with an array of fantastic pots and superb ball control.'


Plant in a flowerpot.
  1. 'If winter lows will drop down into the mid-20s or lower, bring potted fuchsias indoors, and put them in a cool place until spring.'
  2. 'When potting or planting, care must be taken to avoid damaging them.'
  3. 'Try recycling old articles that would otherwise be junk, when you next want to pot a plant.'
  4. 'In hot weather, potted plants may need water twice daily.'
  5. 'Schizanthus are very slow to germinate, so it's best to purchase plants that are already potted from your garden center.'
  6. 'After germination plants were potted and arranged in stands as described above.'
  7. 'Buy potted bulbs when the stems are short and the buds are formed but not open.'
  8. 'However, the height of the stand and the fact that it is based on a hexagon also mean that the display will be cone-like in form - so if you were to arrange 50 potted plants on it, you would see a towering hill of blooms.'
  9. 'To enjoy potted bulbs longest, select young plants with tight buds and just a little color showing - not those already in full bloom.'
  10. 'The only thing that all potted plants need is regular watering, plus fertiliser to keep them going longer.'
  11. 'When the ones which are going to have perked up, I will think about potting them on.'
  12. 'So next spring I shall be potting them on and giving them away.'
  13. 'I give the young seedlings some winter protection in a frame and leave them in the seed pot until spring when they can be potted on.'
  14. 'I bought these mail order as plug planes and have potted them on.'
  15. 'Hardy water lilies must be repotted every spring in a process that's similar to potting them up initially.'
  16. 'They arrived very well packed and I've potted them up into large tubs of ericaceous compost since they won't like our local soil.'
  17. 'Always one for a bargain, I bought a set of four named dark foliaged varieties half price last week and potted them up on Sunday.'
  18. 'One I pegged down earlier in the summer had already rooted, so I potted it up on its own.'
  19. 'They germinated well, and in the autumn the little plants were potted up, and placed in the greenhouse for the winter.'
  20. 'Otherwise pot them up temporarily until you see whether you might not have a use for them elsewhere in the gardens.'
  21. 'I've potted it up with some marigold seedlings in a really big pot and hopefully in a few weeks time it will grow me lots of lovely peppers.'
  22. 'Various factors will determine how long it takes before a potted bulb will bloom, but an important factor is the time of year that the bulb is potted up.'
  23. 'Leave until growth starts in early spring when the young plants can be potted up and grown on before planting out in May.'
  24. 'Then we spent a couple of hours potting them up nicely.'
Preserve (food, especially meat or fish) in a sealed pot or jar.
  1. 'You can also provide food for thought with herbs, potted strawberries and tomatoes.'
  2. 'So we melted butter and a little garlic and parsley and potted them.'
  3. 'My own grandmother was indeed forever pickling and potting.'
  4. 'Dig out the old Cookbook or whatever recipe you use and get it potted up ready for those scrummy little tartlets.'
  5. 'The offal would be passed round for instant consumption, the rest potted, salted or dried.'
  6. 'The wife admitted that she and her husband had frequently had potted meat from the shop without ill effects.'
Strike (a ball) into a pocket.
  1. 'Frame six of a match King eventually won was literally a comedy of errors, neither player able to pot black and kill the frame.'
  2. 'He should have potted the pink and I think his head dropped after that.'
  3. 'The new pool rule he introduced involved only using one hand to pot the black.'
  4. 'Michael failed to pot an easy pink, which will haunt him for a long time.'
  5. 'I couldn't pot a long ball and I had no run all day.'
Hit or kill by shooting.
  1. 'In a productive grouse year, around 350,000 of the birds are potted by shooting parties in the UK, mostly in Scotland, during the August to November season.'
Make articles from earthenware or baked clay.
  1. 'As potting and glazing technologies became more advanced during the 18th century, porcelain production reached a high point.'
  2. 'Over in the Cue Zone - a great white marquee set up on the Barbican's first-floor balcony - I decided to try my hand at potting.'
Sit (a young child) on a potty.
    Encapsulate (an electrical component or circuit) in a synthetic resin or similar insulating material which sets solid.
    1. 'Integrated circuits, and methods of fabricating same, which take into account capacitive loading by the integrated circuit potting material'
    2. 'Methods of designing and fabricating integrated circuits which take into account capacitive loading by the intergrated circuit potting material'

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    1. a container of earthenware, metal, etc., usually round and deep and having a handle or handles and often a lid, used for cooking, serving, and other purposes.

    2. such a container with its contents: a pot of stew.

    3. the amount contained in or held by a pot; potful.

    4. a flowerpot.

    5. a container of liquor or other drink: a pot of ale.

    6. liquor or other drink.

    7. a cagelike vessel for trapping fish, lobsters, eels, etc., typically made of wood, wicker, or wire.

    Compare lob


    (pot)Late Old English pott, probably reinforced in Middle English by Old French pot; of unknown ultimate origin (compare with late Latin potus ‘drinking cup’). Current senses of the verb date from the early 17th century.


    for the pot
    go to pot
    the pot calling the kettle black
    pots of money
    shit (or piss) or get off the pot
    a watched pot never boils