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Having great power, influence, or effect.
  1. 'a potent drug'
  2. 'There is no more potent symbol of state power than the death penalty.'
  3. 'The fashion business has also recaptured the potent power of the cigarette as a sexual appendage.'
  4. 'They can be easily slipped into your drink - if it is an alcoholic drink, the effect is more potent.'
  5. 'That power is particularly potent when you consider that most of these unions each have well over half a million members and represent a critical segment of America's voter base.'
  6. 'The desire to do good, to champion the cause of love can become so potent a power in itself that it obliterates the ends.'
  7. 'Within the media, newspapers remain the most influential and potent sector, the cutting edge, which also happens to be the most accessible to the public.'
  8. 'His rolled-up-sleeves, straight talking approach and feisty willingness to speak truth to power is a very potent television image, if handled properly.'
  9. 'The curse remains such a potent influence on the lives of New Englanders that they will go to extraordinary lengths to try to lift it.'
  10. 'Moreover, what makes this putative power even more potent is that it is believed to be clandestine and cliquish.'
  11. 'President Theodore Roosevelt, who in a fit of pique coined the term ‘muckraking’, called him a potent influence for evil.'
(of a male) able to achieve an erection or to reach an orgasm.
  1. 'An aura of potent sexuality seemed to radiate from him.'
  2. 'A white boy dancer must deliver an impotent, but ironic, rendering of White's (love unlimited) orchestration of potent sexuality.'


Formed of crutch-shaped pieces; (especially of a cross) having a straight bar across the end of each extremity.
  1. 'The Jerusalem Cross consists of a big cross potent and four smaller ones.'
Of the fur called potent (as a tincture).


    Fur resembling vair, but with the alternating pieces T-shaped.


      1. powerful; mighty: a potent fighting force.

      2. cogent; persuasive: Several potent arguments were in his favor.

      3. producing powerful physical or chemical effects: a potent drug.

      4. having or exercising great power or influence: a potent factor in the economy.

      5. (of a male) capable of sexual intercourse.

      More examples(as adjective)

      "yeses can be potent to people."

      "types can be potent as guides."

      "threats can be potent in areas."

      "symbolisms can be potent for generations."

      "religions can be potent for things."

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      (potent)Late Middle English (denoting a crutch): alteration of Old French potence ‘crutch’, from Latin potentia ‘power’ (in medieval Latin ‘crutch’), from potent- (see potent).