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Having a large population; densely populated.
  1. 'It ranks 10th in the world, just behind much more populous nations such as China and Brazil.'
  2. 'Late last year it looked as if the most populous nation and the most widespread faith were reconciling.'
  3. 'It is, after all, the world's largest democracy and second most populous nation.'
  4. 'These are natural questions from people who have spent their lives in populous western cities.'
  5. 'The most populous nation on earth is undergoing the most rapid economic growth in human history.'
  6. 'Germany is the most populous nation in the European Community and has the largest economy.'
  7. 'The populous cities in particular became dependent on distant agricultural trade.'
  8. 'The drop in prices was driven by a 5.4 per cent decline in Sydney, the most populous city.'
  9. 'After his death, Americans might insist on having some real elections in that populous nation.'
  10. 'He represented the least populous state in the nation, and one of the poorest.'


1. full of residents or inhabitants, as a region; heavily populated.

2. jammed or crowded with people: There's no more populous place than Times Square on New Year's Eve.

3. forming or comprising a large number or quantity: Because of epidemics the tribes are not nearly so populous as they once were.

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"nations can be populous."

"states can be populous."

"provinces can be populous."

"countries can be populous."

"districts can be populous."

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Late Middle English: from late Latin populosus, from populus ‘people’.