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Shiny as a result of being rubbed.
  1. 'Yesterday I had to sit through a long briefing on how all employees should have polished shiny shoes.'
  2. 'This balances the large polished mahogany table and antique chandelier.'
  3. 'In the center of the room there was a little coffee table, polished to a brilliant shine, and a couch, with two large armchairs.'
  4. 'It was polished and shiny, and there was no trace of a scratch on it.'
  5. 'Then to top it all off he had his shiny, polished black shoes.'
  6. 'The buttons on his jacket were well polished and very shiny.'
  7. 'The table was long as well and of nicely polished mahogany that shined so much it looked like a pool of dark water.'
  8. 'Live like each moment is shiny as a polished knife.'
  9. 'The smell of oiled leather and the cool, shiny surfaces of polished metal reminded me that I was going to a place farther away than anyone knew.'
  10. 'His train conductor's hat was perched smartly at an angle and his shoes were polished to a shiny brown.'
  11. 'his polished performance in the film'
  12. 'As I have already pointed out repeatedly, performances are polished and excellently recorded.'
  13. 'Time alone will tell whether this was simply a clever and polished performance or a genuinely new style of leadership.'
  14. 'In the sporting circus, even contrition is a polished performance'
  15. 'It's a very worthy album: accomplished musicianship, polished songwriting and so on, but it does lack spark.'
  16. 'It is a polished film by an accomplished director, able to hold its own on the international stage.'
  17. 'Suspenseful music kicks in during combat to accompany the polished sound effects.'
  18. 'He gives a very polished, professional performance with excellent comic timing to make the jokes appear impromptu and off the top of his head.'
  19. 'The children are to be congratulated on their polished performances as are their teachers and proud parents who filled the pews to watch.'
  20. 'As if to mirror this discovery, Part Two is full of highly polished and accomplished writing, beautiful in ways unallowable in Part One.'
  21. 'The film is polished, good-looking and accomplished, but still feels redundant.'
  22. 'A deep red paint and several black and white photos adorned the walls, giving off a very polished and sophisticated feel.'
  23. 'Leather and/or fur hats can look great on older men who want to keep warm while maintaining their refined, polished look.'
  24. 'He was courteous, polished, respectful and kept an eye out for us, which was good, since he would be with us for the next three days.'
  25. 'The polished sophistication of this essay on how to use compressed space is underlined by the architect's ingenious use of materials.'
  26. 'It presented much of the same material but in a considerably more elegant and polished way.'
  27. 'His gray hair was neatly combed, making him look much polished and more refined for the committee.'
  28. 'Fall's slim coat has a retro feel that works well with the season's more refined and polished looks.'
  29. 'As outside investment, knowledge and rigorous selection spreads through the region, the wines are becoming extremely polished and refined.'
  30. 'Let us discuss and debate, but in a refined manner and polished language please!'
  31. 'He speaks in a polished, precise manner, but with a bouncy Trinidadian inflection rippling through, like pebbles tossed across a pond.'
  32. 'Jute was just another convenient natural material that could be made into large bags to store everything from dehusked coconuts to polished rice to fresh vegetables.'
  33. 'This looks like red rice. It's different to normal white polished rice, and it's capable of germination.'
  34. 'Han Asian Vodka is made from polished rice, select barley and spring water.'


1. made smooth and glossy: a figurine of polished mahogany.

2. naturally smooth and glossy: polished pebbles on the beach.

3. refined, cultured, or elegant: a polished manner.

4. flawless; skillful; excellent: a polished conversationalist.

More examples(as adjective)

"pavilions can be polished in/at/on years."

"games can be polished for people."

"floors can be polished."

"diamonds can be polished."

"woods can be polished."

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