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Having a composed and self-assured manner.
  1. 'And for the first time today this remarkably poised young woman breaks out into a blush.'
  2. 'Her aura of poised confidence was gone, leaving behind a tired air.'
  3. 'Britain's first mainstream female football presenter is cool, poised and confident.'
  4. 'Instead of his head falling away and legs imitating those of a drunk, he was poised and resolute, pulverising anything that came within his shot-radar.'
  5. 'I walked up poised and proud with tears shimmering in my eyes.'
  6. 'He is also a poised senior who makes 84.2 percent of his free throws.'
  7. 'He could not imagine this calm, poised woman before him using language like that, but the young girl within her?'
  8. 'A tall, good-looking young man, poised and self-assured, Bassam is a Christian.'
  9. 'For a brief moment, considering the embarrassing circumstances, I was pleased with my poised response.'
  10. 'The poised, confident young woman was tossed into a world of checkpoints, strip searches and interrogations.'
  11. 'she had learnt from the girls at the salon how to appear perfectly poised'
  12. 'She finally paints Adele, a subject she believes to be as poised and beautiful as the Madonna, but crumples up the sketch and throws it away.'
  13. 'I was astonished, when reading his memoirs, to learn that such a polished and poised fellow had never lost the sense that he was awkward and clumsy.'
  14. 'The Dinka are incapable of doing anything without a poised elegance.'
  15. 'It is a beautifully poised and lean wine, as befits its musical signature of the shrill hunting horn.'
  16. 'She was as poised and elegant as her breeding required, Grace thought, and certainly she dressed as befitted her status.'
  17. 'It was the kind of thing that made one think back to a time of elegant ladies and poised gentlemen.'
  18. 'The result is a poised and thoughtful study in grief that navigates a narrative cautiously balanced between life and death.'
  19. 'Couched in poised and lucid prose, The Namesake is a an exquisite tale, full of fine and fragile humour.'
  20. 'She couldn't help but wonder that if he was that attractive and poised just walking around, then what could he be like in bed?'
  21. 'Here also she gets her lines right, she is still poised and graceful, she is still fetching on the dance floor, but she has precious little to do.'


1. (of a person) composed, dignified, and self-assured.

2. being in balance or equilibrium: a balloon poised on the nose of a seal.

3. teetering or wavering: to be poised on the brink of disaster.

4. hovering or suspended in or as in midair: a bird poised in flight; a helicopter poised overhead.

More examples(as adjective)

"markets can be poised for gains."

"markets can be poised for falls."

"tales can be poised for reconciliations."

"stocks can be poised over bads."

"stocks can be poised of problems."

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