Adjective "Pocket-Sized" definition and examples

Definitions and examples


Of a size suitable for carrying in a pocket; small.
  1. 'The pocket-sized torch - a sleek barrel shape just 10 cm long - is available in titanium or black finish.'
  2. 'Packed in a pocket-sized plastic purse, the book contains 40 beermat style cards each with an easy-to-follow decorating idea.'
  3. 'Sometimes a little pocket-sized book can pack a powerful informational punch.'
  4. 'Manufacturers have come out with these pocket-size pods of flash memory, the same kind of semiconductor memory used in digital cameras.'
  5. 'Many areas are treated as well-organised tours, to be undertaken with her pocket-sized guide conveniently to hand.'



1. small enough to fit conveniently into one's pocket.