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Easily bent; flexible.
  1. 'Phthalates are used to make plastic soft and pliable and in the past were found in soothers, teething toys, babies' bottles and other baby goods.'
  2. 'Using tweezers, Geoff carefully removed the tiny, pliable plastic disc.'
  3. 'It was easily pliable, but amazingly tough, withstanding hundreds of pounds of pressure and scorching heat that could have charred the flesh off of a human being.'
  4. 'But when it is warm, the rubber is pliable and retains high elasticity, even when being stretched hard.'
  5. 'Immediately after the molt, the crab's new ‘soft shell’ is pliable and easily stretched.'
  6. 'An elastic, pliable lens is required to change your focus from your wingman to your kneeboard.'
  7. 'If the sponge has been dampened in warm water, you will have a more pliable and flexible sponge.'
  8. 'They make a huge range of PVC-based plastics more pliable and durable and improve the spreadability of antiperspirants, soaps and face creams.'
  9. 'The soft cuticle is pliable but tough and not easily pierced.'
  10. 'In each work, the play of texture seems to transform the rigid stone into a more supple or pliable substance like plastic or clay.'
Easily influenced.
  1. 'Although modern, urban spaces were pliable enough to reflect historical changes, their concrete nature suggested that gender differences could not be eroded easily.'
  2. 'Is the government, is the political process pliable enough?'
  3. 'They should know that all of us are pliable and suggestible to some degree, but that children are especially vulnerable to suggestive and leading questioning.'
  4. 'I came to know that though the Director was an efficient and upright officer, she happened to incur the Minister's displeasure for the simple reason that she was not pliable.'
  5. 'When minds are young and pliable - government experts understand this principle - you can fill them with nonsense that is practically impossible to root out.'
  6. 'We'll just get our own grip on that pliable feminine mind!'
  7. 'In all likelihood, the team just wanted a more pliable head coach.'
  8. 'There are hundreds more where you came from; they're campus-fresh, younger, pliable, cheaper and hungry for work at any cost.'
  9. 'Then, as governor of Texas, he was graced with a pliable enough bipartisan Legislature, and the Legislature is where the real work in that state's governance gets done.'
  10. 'I'm staggered by Arndt's apparent argument that education should be about preparing young people to be pliable media fodder in sporting and entertainment fields.'


1. easily bent; flexible; supple: pliable leather.

2. easily influenced or persuaded; yielding: the pliable mind of youth.

3. adjusting readily to change; adaptable.

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"people can be pliable as lumps."

"people can be pliable."

"ropes can be pliable."

"tools can be pliable."

"moderates can be pliable."

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Late Middle English: from French, from plier ‘to bend’ (see ply).