We can't find definition and examlples of adjective 'Plain-Speaking', it may be a compound adjective.




    1. clear or distinct to the eye or ear: a plain trail to the river; to stand in plain view.

    2. clear to the mind; evident, manifest, or obvious: to make one's meaning plain.

    3. conveying the meaning clearly and simply; easily understood: plain talk.

    4. downright; sheer; utter; self-evident: plain folly; plain stupidity.

    5. free from ambiguity or evasion; candid; outspoken: the plain truth of the matter.

    6. without special pretensions, superiorit



    "suspicions can be plain upon faces."

    "emotions can be plain on faces."

    "countries can be plain for alls."

    "churches can be plain on exteriors."

    "bitternesses can be plain in interviews."

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    1. the act, utterance, or discourse of a person who speaks.

    2. speakings, literary works composed for recitation, as ancient bardic poetry; oral literature. adjective

    3. that speaks.

    4. used in, suited to, or involving speaking or talking: the speaking voice.

    5. of or relating to declamation.

    6. giving information as if by speech: a speaking proof of a thing.

    7. highly expressive: speaking eyes.

    8. lifelike: a speaking likeness. Idioms 9. not on speaking terms, not


    "englishs can be speaking."

    "skills can be speaking."

    "roles can be speaking."

    "militias can be speaking."

    "languages can be speaking."

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