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(especially of a person) very small.
  1. 'With some difficulty, we managed to dissuade our left-leaning daughter from buying pint-sized T-shirts for our preschool grandchildren.'
  2. 'The television cartoon draws 535,000 pint-size viewers each week and is the top-rated show among children aged two to 11.'
  3. 'Maloney is a diminutive treasure, a pint-sized magician and, from free kicks, consistently lethal.'
  4. 'There are literally billions of titles that rely on the draw of a pint-sized actor or actress to sell copies.'
  5. 'Our pint-sized critics watched in fidgety silence.'
  6. 'Instead of machine guns, these pint-sized criminals rub each other out by hurling cream pies.'
  7. 'It wasn't that I was bullied - it was just that I was pint-sized compared to the Canadian kids, who came quart-sized.'
  8. 'She'd never be more than what she was: an assistant superintendent in a pint-sized suburban school district.'
  9. 'The pint-sized heroes return for the final instalment of an entertaining trilogy and they face their biggest adventure yet.'
  10. 'My lips quivered, inches away from my pint-sized patient's, his hot, bourbon soaked breath washing over my face.'


adjective, Informal.

1. comparatively small in size: a pint-size typewriter.

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"superstars can be pint-sized."

"revenues can be pint-sized."

"proofs can be pint-sized."

"people can be pint-sized."

"performers can be pint-sized."

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