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Grip (something, typically a person's flesh) tightly and sharply between finger and thumb.
  1. 'If you can see it biting you, you simply pinch the skin on either side of its proboscus, which means it can't extract it and fly away.'
  2. 'I pinched Elle's arm as discreetly as could, and got a nudge back.'
  3. 'Try pinching the skin near the itch between your thumb and forefinger through your clothing; this is less damaging than actual scratching.'
  4. 'He grabbed my right cheek and pinched it before going up the stairs.'
  5. 'She shut them tightly and pinched herself, opening them she knew she wasn't dreaming.'
  6. 'If the skin is crushed, or very tightly pinched or squeezed, a blood blister may form.'
  7. 'He leaned over again and trailed his lips down Edge's neck, his fingers now gently pinching the sensitive flesh.'
  8. 'This time, he got up and grabbed his teacher's cheeks and pinched them.'
  9. 'His hand clamped around her neck loosely but his thumb was pinching her skin against the wall.'
  10. 'Only a tiny whimper from pain as she fallen on her rump, the wood pinching her bare flesh.'
  11. 'pinch out tips of shoots regularly'
  12. 'As indoor tomato plants grow taller, make sure they are properly staked and that the side shots are pinched out to encourage the plant to grow tall.'
  13. 'For bedding plants, pinch off only the first few buds as flower size is less important as mass display.'
  14. 'I want to smell a new fragrance, pluck a cherry tomato, pinch a mint leaf, experience the significance of life with each step.'
  15. 'Plants were pinched back to four leaves after 1 week and then were managed as stock plants.'
  16. 'Remove all rootstock suckers or low-growing branches, and pinch the main stems to keep the height manageable.'
  17. 'This is also the time to remove your plants and trim or pinch the old growth and all yellowing leaves off.'
  18. 'To harvest the plant, simply pinch or cut the leaves off with a knife.'
  19. 'In summer, pinch out the top 2 inches of growing canes that are approximately 18 to 36 inches tall.'
  20. 'If your plants are spindly, pinch out the top center stem.'
  21. 'Once plants reach the top of the trellis, pinch out the growing point of the plant.'
  22. no object 'if your shoes pinch, take them off'
  23. 'She remembered walking rigidly up the stone steps in her white lace, with the stockings too tight and the white shoes pinching and the back of the dress itchy.'
  24. 'Before the game, Trucks noticed that his spikes had shrunk and were pinching his feet.'
  25. 'I had gotten rid of my shoes, they were too small, and they were pinching at my feet.'
  26. 'No matter that pointy shoes pinch your toes something rotten (so I'm told), last year people were happy to suffer them in the name of fashion.'
  27. 'He had been so used to his old boots that the new ones he had bought had pinched his feet beyond endurance.'
  28. 'There's no point in buying shoes that will pinch your toes and cramp your feet all day long.'
  29. 'I made a quick mental note to never wear stilettos again as I turned and discovered the damned footwear pinching my toes together in quite an uncomfortable fashion.'
  30. 'Aunt Rose pinched her thin lips together'
  31. 'His lips were pinched in anger, his hands fisted.'
  32. 'She pinched her lips together and concentrated on her work.'
  33. 'Rebecca felt terribly guilty about hiding her relation to David, but she pinched her lips and said not a word.'
  34. 'I pushed him into a chair and tipped his head back, pinching his nose to stop the bleeding.'
  35. 'He pinched his lips together as anger rose inside him.'
  36. 'Asa pinched her lips in a grim line, meeting the strange man's cold green eyes.'
  37. 'If he's real persistent, even with the noseband on, you can pinch his lip when he tries to put his mouth on you.'
Move one's finger and thumb apart or bring them together on (a touchscreen) in order to zoom into or out of an image, activate a function, etc.
  1. no object 'you can pinch on the screen and all the open apps will appear'
  2. 'Swipe your finger across the screen or pinch and zoom to read your documents and presentations.'
  3. 'There are many more ways to interact with modern smartphones, such as pinching or swiping the screen or shaking the whole phone.'
  4. 'Pinching outwards on the start screen will make the whole display zoom out and give you an overview of every app that you've got on the start screen.'
  5. 'In some cases, pinching the screen causes surrounding items to jump around.'
  6. 'The Camera allows 4x digital Zoom - you have to pinch the screen to use the feature.'
Steal or take without permission.
  1. 'Then, at home, I pinched my mother's detective stories and I read them in bed.'
  2. 'Records from one of the credit cards they pinched show that after leaving the crime scene, the thieves went straight to Tesco's and bought £44 worth of pizza.'
  3. 'Joshua, of Earlswood Walk, Great Lever, watched in horror from a kitchen window as a thief pinched the bike and cycled off.'
  4. 'What I can see is that people are going to be pinching other people's bins.'
  5. 'The thieves didn't pinch the tapes of the show, for some reason, which suggests they were pretty discerning.'
  6. 'The ad broker has been pinching employees from Microsoft and others and is developing quite the reputation.'
  7. 'I tell you, someone is going to pinch this bloke for their band soonish.'
  8. 'He wanted the police to portray themselves as the rabbit, but a day later, he's pinched.'
Live in a frugal way.
  1. 'It's said that Chicago Bears founder George Halas pinched pennies so tightly that his thumbprint looked like the profile of Abraham Lincoln.'
Sail (a boat) so close to the wind that the sails begin to lose power.


    An act of pinching someone.
    1. 'And I am not sure I would be swayed by the statement that a suicide bomber suffers no more pain than that of a pinch.'
    2. 'Ally felt a pinch as she looked at him; she hated to know that he was hurting.'
    3. 'Number of gropes, slaps, pinches and otherwise unwanted sexual attention endured: 0.'
    4. 'There's winking, strutting, flitting and flirting, pecks on the cheek and pinches on the bum.'
    5. 'Unfortunately, I think I was given a slightly too large a pinch.'
    6. 'I avoided all the pinches and kisses and hugs by staying in Derek's room.'
    7. 'Democracy day is also a holiday, and whole families have come out to the polls, a pat-down for the parents, a playful pinch for the kids.'
    8. 'I have been on the receiving end of a pinch from a man when I worked in a hospital.'
    9. 'The bite was not venomous, just a pinch, and so to dinner, cat and beetle not invited.'
    10. 'For the pastry, place the flour and butter in a food processor with a pinch of salt and whizz until breadcrumbs.'
    11. 'Mix 1/3 teaspoon of salt and a pinch of baking soda in a cup of water.'
    12. 'To check for acidity in the soil, take a tablespoon of wet soil and add a pinch of baking soda.'
    13. 'This she mixed with a little raw garlic and some sugar and a pinch of MSG, which is cheaper than salt.'
    14. 'Cook the bread fruit and potatoes in a pressure cooker with a pinch of turmeric powder and salt.'
    15. 'In a separate bowl, whisk the egg white with a pinch of salt to make soft peaks.'
    16. 'Top with a pinch of snipped tomato and drizzle over a tiny dab of pesto.'
    17. 'While the pinch of something can as well, in general, a cook understands that a pinch is a modest amount, less than a teaspoon.'
    18. 'For the frosting, beat the butter and cream cheese until they are fluffy and then add the remaining ingredients with a pinch of salt until combined.'
    19. 'In another bowl, whisk the egg whites and the pinch of salt into stiff peaks.'
    A critical point in the game.
    1. 'They got a two-run home run from Bagwell and a run-scoring pinch single from Jason Lane.'
    2. 'Carbo hit his second pinch homer of the series, and the game was tied 6-6.'

    More definitions

    1. to squeeze or compress between the finger and thumb, the teeth, the jaws of an instrument, or the like.

    2. to constrict or squeeze painfully, as a tight shoe does.

    3. to cramp within narrow bounds or quarters: The crowd pinched him into a corner.

    4. to render (the face, body, etc.) unnaturally constricted or drawn, as pain or distress does: Years of hardship had pinched her countenance beyond recognition.

    5. to affect with sharp discomfort or distress, as co

    More examples(as adjective)

    "headings can be pinch."

    "faces can be pinch."


    Middle English (as a verb): from an Old Northern French variant of Old French pincier ‘to pinch’.


    at a pinch
    feel the pinch
    pinch oneself