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Pathetically trivial; trifling.
  1. 'Expect piddling fines for players who will treat the loss as loose change and a couple of suspensions which will merely inconvenience coaches busy with their squad rotations.'
  2. 'They project their piddling little personalities, but they don't do their job, they are not acting.'
  3. 'They were aristocrats with little interest in piddling estates of 30 hides.'
  4. 'This may be a piddling observation, but you can hardly whine when your own writers get your URL wrong - and you publish their mistakes.'
  5. 'From June 1, however, a conviction for careless driving, no matter how piddling the offence, will see a driver almost half way to losing his or her licence.'
  6. 'By today's apocalyptic standards that's piddling.'
  7. 'Yes, it may only be a piddling little thing, compared with the potential threat to human rights represented by introduction of ID cards, and the suspension of habeas corpus.'
  8. 'And I think that they should have given her a bigger fine than $30,000, which seems an awful piddling fine to me.'
  9. 'I get 25% of my own money back in cash, and the rest becomes a piddling annual income, on which I pay higher-rate tax.'
  10. 'In the higher reaches of the football world the amounts at issue would seem piddling, small change, barely a week's wages for a half - decent player at a senior club.'


1. amounting to very little; trifling; negligible: a piddling sum of money.

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"targets can be piddling."

"returns can be piddling."

"registrars can be piddling."

"questions can be piddling."

"outfits can be piddling."

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