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Fussy and hard to please.
  1. 'We prefer to go away unhappy rather than be branded as difficult and picky.'
  2. 'A picky eater, Bell never ate vegetables because she didn't know how to prepare them in tasty ways.'
  3. 'That is reading widely, not being picky and choosy about what you read.'
  4. 'For a freestyle, picky meal, I like a large platter of hot asparagus, scorched on the griddle pan or under the grill.'
  5. 'Not only was I a picky eater but it just didn't seem to appeal to me.'
  6. 'One-star hotels are best for budget travelers who aren't too picky about where they sleep as long as it's cheap.'
  7. 'Every kid is a picky eater, but if you work around that and go out of your way to always cook for them the things they like, they'll never get over it.'
  8. 'Those who are picky about sound or video quality might find this a hard pill to swallow, but there's nothing for it.'
  9. 'We are being very picky with estate agents' details - very picky indeed.'
  10. 'Maybe I was too old, too grumpy, too picky, too frigid?'
  11. 'I'm going to get more picky as the campaign goes on.'
  12. 'I was a very picky eater, often refusing to eat, unless it was something I wanted.'
  13. 'This is being very picky, but at £30 a bottle you need to be.'
  14. 'I'm arguably being somewhat picky, as the phone has many good points.'
  15. 'In short, they're picky eaters, and their appetites are capricious and unpredictable.'
  16. 'Don't mean to seem too picky while asking for help, but I really do need something that meets all these criteria.'
  17. 'I'm less picky, and while I understand their complaint, I worked past it and had a good time.'
  18. 'The fish were not picky with bread, luncheon meat, cat meat, worms, casters, pellets and maggots offered in various ways.'
  19. 'He also recalls the challenges of trying to please a picky female client who owned four airplanes and several boats.'
  20. 'This is probably the most meat-centred restaurant in London and not advised for your picky vegan friends, but perfect for a Sunday.'


1. extremely fussy or finicky, usually over trifles.

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"people can be picky with games."

"people can be picky about clothes."

"people can be picky about clienteles."

"dogs can be picky as humans."

"companies can be picky about things."

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