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(of a woman) attractively small and dainty.
  1. 'A set of feet came quickly down the staircase, letting into view the figure of a petite woman in a loose white dress.'
  2. 'Following him was a petite woman who also was in her mid forties but didn't look a day over thirty five.'
  3. 'She was petite with delicate features and hands that seemed to be ageless.'


1. (of a woman) short and having a small, trim figure; diminutive. noun

2. a category of clothing sized for women or girls of less than average height and with average or diminutive figures.

3. a garment in such a size: The petites are on that rack.

4. a woman or girl who wears clothing of such a size.

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"people can be petite."

"bourgeoisies can be petite."

"figures can be petite."

"ranges can be petite."

"twos can be petite."

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Late 18th century: French, feminine of petit ‘small’.