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Continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success.
  1. 'she has been a remarkably steadfast, persevering, and dutiful woman'
  2. 'Every team suffers a key loss - the teams that persevere in spite of injuries play in January.'
  3. 'He has survived by persevering despite the odds.'
  4. 'I just don't think I would be as persevering, I don't think I would be as patient.'
  5. 'It's cost them their marriage, but Jennifer perseveres.'
  6. 'A dramatic panorama is our reward for persevering in the tropical heat.'
  7. 'The ensuing years have been full of difficulties both large and small, but she has persevered.'
  8. 'The saddest part is that despite all of the hassles and law suits, they continue to persevere.'
  9. 'He is steady, persevering, deliberate, unflappable and safe.'
  10. 'Like the sharecropper, she persevered in her work against all odds of success.'
  11. 'Still, we persevered and in spite of the traffic it was soon actually rather pleasant.'

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1. displaying perseverance; resolutely persistent; steadfast: a persevering student.

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"ways can be persevering."

"reporters can be persevering."

"races can be persevering."

"people can be persevering."

"odours can be persevering."

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Late Middle English: from Old French perseverer, from Latin perseverare ‘abide by strictly’, from perseverus ‘very strict’, from per- ‘thoroughly’ + severus ‘severe’.