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Naturally having or producing a sweet, pleasant smell.
  1. 'This had been created by the removal of two or three stone flags - the only living occupant was a lilac tree, which would be about 10 ft tall, and every year produced masses of sweet perfumed blossom.'
  2. 'The idea of scores and reviews just don't enter your mind or the conversation as you sip on the silky, perfumed Pinot Noir, which is beautifully matched with roasted salmon.'
  3. 'The sweet scent of perfumed roses will linger on your tongue, reminding you that the warmth of summer is on its way, but remember, a little goes a long way.'
  4. 'Chinese teas are always popular around the world for their perfumed aroma, subtlety, delicate flavour and amazing health benefits.'
  5. 'Wonderfully harmonious notes of leather, spice and perfumed blackfruits are diced by chewy tannins and a sparky acidity that woo each one of your 10,000 tastebuds.'
  6. 'Trees grew up on either side to line the road, and in the spring they blossomed and turned all the roadway into a glorious perfumed world of pink and yellow flowers that danced and floated in the air and carpeted the walkway with soft petals.'
  7. 'perfumed soap'
  8. 'The smell of sweat, nauseatingly perfumed shampoo and the sounds of giggling and gossip had never been my cup of tea; nor was gym class, and gym class and locker rooms went hand in hand.'
  9. 'After drying your feet with a 100 percent cotton towel, I will take out a satchel filled with perfumed oils that I have personally selected for your particular feet.'
  10. 'Soft strains of instrumental music welcome the visitor to the exhibition venue, along with the gentle fragrance wafting from incense sticks, and the pleasant aroma drifting from the perfumed articles on display.'
  11. 'Most of the odors we do smell indoors are overly perfumed commercial items like soaps and air fresheners.'
  12. 'These included tea-lights, night-lights, perfumed candles, novelty candles, oil burners and other candleholders.'
  13. 'Avoid using highly perfumed soaps and shampoos, wear loose-fitting clothing, which forms an air barrier between you and the bugs, and use an herbal repellent.'


1. a substance, extract, or preparation for diffusing or imparting an agreeable or attractive smell, especially a fluid containing fragrant natural oils extracted from flowers, woods, etc., or similar synthetic oils.

2. the scent, odor, or volatile particles emitted by substances that smell agreeable. verb (used with object), perfumed, perfuming.

3. (of substances, flowers, etc.) to impart a pleasant fragrance to.

4. to impregnate with a sweet odor; scent.

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"soaps can be perfumed."

"oils can be perfumed."

"smokes can be perfumed."

"products can be perfumed."

"gardens can be perfumed."

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