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Strongly flavoured with pepper or other hot spices.
  1. 'A tender baked half chicken cut into pieces, drizzled in peppery barbecue sauce, costs $3.50.'
  2. 'This burger couldn't be any meatier, but there's some subtlety here that elevates it to dinner-worthy: a peppery, sweet glaze; a switch to poultry; and that bun!'
  3. 'However, this is a place to enjoy pure Guizhou flavour, which is also renowned for its peppery dishes.'
  4. 'While the chef had been generous with the chicken pieces, the dish was bland - warm and peppery rather than a genuine curry.'
  5. 'I liked it even without the peppery sweet barbecue sauce, but the sauce was good, too.'
  6. 'Don't be afraid of this peppery dish, it isn't that spicy after all.'
  7. 'His eyes, which are palest aquamarine, are steely, his nose is strong, and he smells all clean and peppery.'
  8. 'I lit it with a match and inhaled peppery gas strongly.'
  9. 'What goes wrong here is that the bubbles magnify the peppery heat of the spices and your tastebuds may wilt under the attack.'
  10. '‘The first sensation on the tongue is spicy, or peppery,’ offers Gregory.'
  11. 'It has small, pointed, dark green aromatic leaves that have a herby, peppery flavour and are delicious in bean and pulse dishes.'
  12. 'Galangal is a gingery, peppery spice favored in Southeast Asian cooking, and it gives the soup an exotic kick, like a delicate, Malay version of lobster chowder.'
  13. 'Once in the mouth, elegant and effortless waves of nuts, red fruits and peppery spice roll over the palate and stay long after the finish.'
  14. 'It was a red wine, flavoured with ginger, cinnamon and grains of paradise (a peppery spice from tropical west Africa) and sweetened either with honey or (if you could afford it) with sugar.'
  15. 'Rich and juicy aromas of ripe plum and black cherry with mild peppery scents offer mild flavours of clove before a rip-roaring juicy fruit bursts through leading to ripe yet firm tannins taking you on a long finish.'
  16. 'My wife gave her benediction to a helping of striped bass, doused in peppery Indian spices and sautéed in fillets small enough to be eaten with chopsticks.'
(of a person) irritable and sharp-tongued.


    1. full of or tasting like pepper; hot; pungent.

    2. of, relating to, or resembling pepper.

    3. sharp or stinging: a peppery speech.

    4. easily angered; bad-tempered; irritable; irascible: the peppery leader of a political faction.

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    "pages can be peppery in versions."

    "tastes can be peppery."

    "writers can be peppery."

    "varieties can be peppery."

    "touchs can be peppery."

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