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Having or showing an irritable disposition.
  1. 'Marshall, on the other hand, always sounded peevish, arrogant and condescending.'
  2. 'There he catered to couples, snazzy middle-aged divorced female cliques and peevish teenagers.'
  3. 'It happens and we shouldn't get peevish about it.'
  4. 'I think Stewart is kind of funny, but also peevish - not as nimble at turning things into fun as he used to be.'
  5. 'I spoke with the tone of some peevish adolescent, arms tense at my sides, and eyes like two slits expelling charcoal fog.'
  6. 'Everyone looked angry, except Joyuko who looked more skeptical than peevish as she usually did.'
  7. 'As the authors have produced such a splendid book it seems peevish to point out deficiencies.'
  8. 'Arilss was deposited on Morgan's other side, looking equally peevish.'
  9. 'Maybe she is glacial and peevish; maybe you've already stuck around way too long.'
  10. 'He grinned at her, sharing their triumph, though he knew that in a few days she would become peevish and seek another argument.'
  11. 'But the board added a peevish note to the effect that it was a shame the law allowed no prohibition of what it called ‘hate speech’.'
  12. 'He calms down but remains peevish; much in the way of a child who does not get his/her own way.'
  13. 'To some he seemed peevish and antsy-almost wired.'
  14. 'Not entirely not herself, but still a little peevish.'
  15. 'I was kind of feeling peevish, and I wasn't too happy about that feeling.'
  16. 'Harder to stomach is the peevish, chip-on-your-shoulder feminism that pervades so much of the book.'
  17. 'She clenched the air in her hands like a peevish child.'
  18. 'He becomes more and more peevish and tiresome, the archetypal boring jokey uncle of TV sit-corns, as his music becomes more and more unfathomably deep.'
  19. 'A spotty youth with greasy black hair, he was sitting at the table with a peevish expression on his weaselly face.'
  20. 'Always being overlooked would cause a person to become peevish.'


1. cross, querulous, or fretful, as from vexation or discontent: a peevish youngster.

2. showing annoyance, irritation, or bad mood: a peevish reply; a peevish frown.

3. perverse or obstinate.

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"people can be peevish on dates."

"people can be peevish."

"voices can be peevish."

"wives can be peevish."

"states can be peevish."

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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘perverse, coy’): of unknown origin.