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(of a bird) strike or bite something with its beak.
  1. with object 'vultures pecked out the calf's eyes'
  2. 'Its strong, sharp beak pecked sharply at Wayne's exposed forearm.'
  3. 'I got quite used to tiny black Tussock birds pecking matter-of-factly at my shoes.'
  4. 'People stuck outside were getting pecked by thousands of birds at a time.'
  5. 'The rooster and hens came squawking and pecking around his feet.'
  6. 'The chickens are pecking, the cows are mooing, and the pigs are, well, eating slop.'
  7. 'Outside Pittsburgh he'd found her flowered hat floating in a pond, half pecked apart by birds.'
  8. 'The bird waited below, pecking furiously at its own neck.'
  9. 'A bird pecking for food a few steps ahead of me sensed my approach and flew off the ground and disappeared into the woods.'
  10. 'A small, red chicken was pecking around in the grass, near the fence.'
  11. 'Chickens were pecking in a small yard and pigs were rolling in a mud swamp.'
  12. 'She was well and truly dead with her head flopped in the water and the back of her neck was a gaping hole where she had been pecked.'
  13. 'A bird with a penchant for 17 th-century Dutch art has paid the ultimate price for flying into a museum gallery and pecking a hole in a masterpiece.'
  14. 'she pecked him on the cheek'
  15. '‘Thank you for the flowers you sent me,’ she said, pecking him on the cheek.'
  16. 'He smiled, walked over, and pecked her on the cheek.'
  17. 'She pecked him on the cheek and he kissed her forehead.'
  18. 'Ashton pulled back from our hot kiss and pecked me once for good measure.'
  19. 'Leaning in slowly, he pecks me on the cheek and says goodbye before walking out the door.'
  20. 'I pecked him on the cheek, grabbed the suitcase and hopped out.'
  21. 'Sasha smiles at him then quickly pecks him on the lips.'
  22. 'He pecked her lightly on the lips before heading toward the door.'
  23. 'My dad pecks me on the forehead and leaves with my mom.'
  24. '‘Well, I didn't know I had that effect on you, my love,’ he said, pecking me once quickly on the lips.'
  25. 'I was determined not to spend the rest of my life as ‘Fatty the gargantuan’ and so I just pecked at my food, ignoring my rebellious stomach, which was screaming for food like an overweight baby.'
  26. 'She made a pretence of pecking at her food, then excused herself and retreated to her rooms.'
  27. 'This allowed them to input small amounts of text data quickly without having to peck at a tiny keyboard with their fingers.'
  28. 'They eat dinner on trays in the living room, where their daughter pecks away at a homework assignment on an aged computer.'
  29. 'Seri was pecking away at the keyboard, he seemed very into something.'
  30. 'Trading is now done rather demurely, by pecking at a keyboard.'
  31. 'Then, chin pointed up arrogantly, she went back to pecking away at the bleach-white keyboard before her.'
  32. 'The right thumb pecks away at a phone number; the other presses the lonely ‘send’ key to the left of the screen.'
  33. 'part of a wall was pecked down and carted away'


A stroke or bite by a bird with its beak.
  1. 'Such injuries may be caused by bird pecks, insect damage, mechanical abrasion, or by tightly compressed berries which burst when the vine takes up water after rainfall.'
  2. 'Nestlings use this beak hook in lunging pecks and bites to the backs and heads of their siblings that result in scratches, bruises, and skin lesions.'
  3. 'Arrow flipped under her and gave her a quick peck underneath her beak.'
  4. 'Peck rates were recorded by counting the number of pecks during a period of continuous head-down posture, which was timed with a stopwatch.'
  5. 'a fatherly peck on the cheek'
  6. 'I didn't want a peck on the cheek to be my goodnight kiss.'
  7. 'He says ‘Goodbye, dear’ and gives her a peck on the cheek at their door.'
  8. 'He embraced her, as she gave him a peck on the lips.'
  9. 'Devon gave me a quick peck on the lips and stroked my hair.'
  10. 'I gave him a peck on the lips and went back downstairs.'
  11. 'Without even a peck, Julio turns away down the thick stone steps and runs.'
  12. 'Not just a peck on the cheek, a really passionate kiss.'
  13. 'He gave her a light peck on the cheek and then returned to his own room.'
  14. 'We said goodbye and he gave me a peck on the cheek.'
  15. 'Cordially, he gave Megan a peck on the cheek and Kayla a quick kiss across the lips.'


    (of a horse) pitch forward or stumble as a result of striking the ground with the front rather than the flat of the hoof.
    1. 'However, Chilling Place pecked on landing and weakened into third, giving the Grade One race to 3-1 shot Marcel, who kept on to hold It's Just Harry by two lengths.'

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    1. a dry measure of 8 quarts; the fourth part of a bushel, equal to 53

    7.6 cubic inches (

    8.81 liters).

    2. a container for measuring this quantity.Abbreviation:pk, pk.

    3. a considerable quantity: a peck of trouble.


    (peck)Variant of obsolete pick ‘fix (something pointed) in the ground’.