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Of or appropriate to a father.
  1. 'This item explores if expectant fathers perceived their own fathers as anxious in their paternal role.'
  2. 'Her status in law compared with an adult son still living in his father's house, under paternal authority.'
  3. 'Those students who reported high levels of paternal / father acceptance and warmth did significantly better in school.'
  4. 'The young mother's parents and other female relatives can equally determine paternal involvement.'
  5. 'The father's education also may be associated with levels of paternal involvement.'
  6. 'Similar to early work in the U.S., no study on paternal involvement has been done using data collected from fathers themselves.'
  7. 'Support from the adolescent father's parents may be a particularly important influence on paternal involvement.'
  8. 'Through the modalities of education and support, young fathers may advance in both their level of paternal involvement and their own development.'
  9. 'Western tradition dictated that that authority should be paternal.'
  10. 'He has to provide an authoritative, paternal perspective without being dismissive of the disparate viewpoints enclosed.'
  11. 'my elders in the newsroom kept a paternal eye on me'
  12. 'There was this strange feeling inside him as he held her, almost paternal, but not quite.'
  13. 'His style with the crews is almost paternal, strong yet fair.'
Related through the father.
  1. 'Architecture comes naturally to him as a family profession, inherited from his paternal grandfather who was the curator of Taj Mahal and an architect.'
  2. 'Max's paternal grandfather was a member of the Red Army and had to carefully hide the fact his wife's parents had been landowners.'
  3. 'Yesterday, the twins' paternal grandfather spoke of the family's anger and confusion at the treatment of the children.'
  4. 'Late in life, my paternal grandfather developed Alzheimer's.'
  5. 'My paternal grandfather actually helped build the old part and then after it was built, got a job weaving and he was here all his life.'
  6. 'My paternal grandfather came over from England.'
  7. 'And his paternal grandfather wasn't exactly a role model, either.'
  8. 'His maternal grandparents travelled to the US from Emly, while his paternal grandfather hailed from Killoch in Co Down.'
  9. 'Of his paternal grandfather, David, who died three years before Ian was born, he knew almost nothing, and it was to the far north that he headed in search of answers.'
  10. 'One of the villagers showed him an old-fangled film projector which his paternal grandfather had requisitioned to show movies to the villagers.'


1. characteristic of or befitting a father; fatherly: a kind and paternal reprimand.

2. of or relating to a father.

3. related on the father's side: one's paternal grandfather.

4. derived or inherited from a father: paternal traits.

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"poems can be paternal from feelings."

"grandmothers can be paternal."

"grandfathers can be paternal."

"grandparents can be paternal."

"exposures can be paternal."

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Late Middle English: from late Latin paternalis, from Latin paternus ‘fatherly, belonging to a father’, from pater ‘father’.