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Very unwilling to spend money or use resources.
  1. 'I was good and parsimonious and did the job myself, saving the money I didn't spend on cleaners to help pay the builders.'
  2. 'Also, using graduate students to pursue industrial problems in a university is a cheap way for parsimonious companies to do research.'
  3. 'Some treatments produce more health gain than others, and some entail more parsimonious use of resources.'
  4. 'They already possess the most parsimonious defence in the division.'
  5. 'This file will not be available indefinitely - I am far too parsimonious with webspace for that.'
  6. 'Britain, along with Italy, France and Germany, comes in the middle of the tipping league, neither profligate nor parsimonious.'
  7. 'Ironically, they resemble more than anything a George Graham team: parsimonious, ruthless and pragmatic.'
  8. 'Our approach is niggardly, grudging and parsimonious.'
  9. 'Its lure to one's vanity and bank account can seduce even the most parsimonious print personality.'
  10. 'This is an odd pairing of devices in one person, the narrative eye and the devil: it's too parsimonious.'


1. characterized by or showing parsimony; frugal or stingy.

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"trees can be parsimonious."

"parliaments can be parsimonious."

"explanations can be parsimonious."

"values can be parsimonious."

"tenets can be parsimonious."

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