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An object or collection of objects wrapped in paper in order to be carried or sent by post.
  1. 'a brown paper parcel'
  2. 'Helen's mouth fell open in disbelief as he handed her a small parcel wrapped in brown paper.'
  3. 'It was a tiny box wrapped in plan brown parcel paper and tied with twine.'
  4. 'One day, being in the Alcala at Toledo, I saw a young lad offer to sell a parcel of old written papers to a shopkeeper.'
  5. 'Just 4 feet 10 inches tall and weighing a little over six stones, she had a special trolley provided by the Post Office to help carry the heavy parcels and letters around.'
  6. 'Also, colonists were sending their parcels through the post without stamps.'
  7. 'We have also heard from people who used the post office to send parcels and things, so we are determined to have one in the village.'
  8. 'Others have received parcels sent for free by their families at home.'
  9. 'She held out a plain, brown paper parcel to him, roughly tied with string still dripping in bacon fat.'
  10. 'They found Tom Fisher standing there holding a large parcel wrapped in brown paper.'
  11. 'In the end I did choose to use the Royal Mail service which enables you to collect the parcel from a local post office for a fee of 50p.'
A quantity or amount of something, especially as dealt with in one commercial transaction.
  1. 'I doubt many readers will be in that bracket, but thousands of small share parcels may also go unclaimed.'
  2. 'What has happened in these two cases essentially is that the shares in the preference class have been valued in the way that minority parcels of shares are valued on the market when no takeover offer is in contemplation.'
  3. 'Large parcels of shares in the Prince Alfred mine were held by John Reynell of Reynella and his son Walter.'
  4. 'Big charities can bundle share parcels together, making them much more valuable.'
  5. 'In fact, what happened - there is a parcel of ANZ shares and there are parcels of other shares, and so he took, as we understand it, half of those shares and his brother took the other half.'
  6. 'Many stock-market investors own small parcels of shares that they hang on to purely because it would cost more to sell them than they are worth.'
  7. 'Farming a small parcel of land Tom made a big name for himself as a water diviner with his services in big demand throughout the county.'
  8. 'Holdouts are dealt with by real estate developers assembling parcels of land in a variety of ways.'
  9. 'Such territories were sufficiently significant by the eighth century that most references to estates, tenant houses, and land parcels in our documents are explicitly attached to a village.'
  10. 'At Wild Turkey, which opened in June, Rulewich had to piece together several distinct parcels of land into one seamless golf course.'
  11. 'Farmers will also be able to print maps of their land parcels which they can use solely for Area Aid purposes.'
  12. 'There are other parcels of land beneficially held by the estate, which the trustee acknowledges are not integral to the businesses.'
  13. 'The legal estate of two separate parcels of land at Baydon Farm amounting to some 184 acres and some 108 acres vested in Major Stibbard prior to his death.'
  14. 'Suppose you owned a large parcel of land, which includes a large wooded area, home to an endanger species of owl.'
  15. 'A lot of it was due to shrewd real estate acquisitions, anticipating property trends and securing key parcels of land for low prices.'
  16. 'For many years he farmed a small parcel of land in Kilcolman and came to the local Kilcolman creamery with his donkey and cart.'
  17. 'a parcel of rogues'
  18. 'an inversion forms a barrier to a rising parcel of air'
  19. 'The air parcel, however, has mass and therefore weight.'
  20. 'The energy of all systems is quantized, that is, energy can be absorbed or released in discrete parcels or packets.'


Make (something) into a parcel by wrapping it.
  1. 'It's an incredible bit of work, and I've parcelled up our top secret plans and sent them to the Ministry of Defence who will no doubt see me as the next Barnes Wallace and get British Aerospace onto it with all due haste.'
  2. 'Each present must be brand new and unwrapped - this will help care managers to organise the gifts before parcelling them up and giving them to the children.'
  3. 'One consultant said that Iraqi contractors would win work from the US or the military, parcel it up and sell it in the city's market, taking a slice for themselves.'
  4. 'This is a complete illusion, as you're not clearing your debt, you're simply parcelling it up and handing it to a different lender!'
  5. 'I might parcel a bit up and send it back to the authorities and demand a refund on my council tax.'
  6. 'You parcel up the boxes again: nothing has been quenched.'
  7. 'She parceled it up and set it on the nightstand to remind her to send it.'
  8. 'Firstly, either cut up the credit cards or parcel them up and put them away.'
  9. 'Our children are now being tested at six (and seven, and eight…) not just 16, parcelled up as either academic or non-academic when they are barely out of the sandpit.'
  10. 'I've just parcelled my first bit of ripped up junkmail back in its prepaid envelope and sent it back from whence it came.'
  11. 'the farmers argue that parcelling out commercial farmland in small plots will reduce productivity'
  12. 'Because the orders are likely to have been parcelled out among various brokers, it is difficult to assess the scope of China's problem.'
  13. 'In 1937, cottages expropriated to make way for the airport were floated across to Algonquin Island, and after WWII, the remainder of Algonquin was parcelled out to vets and their families to deal with a housing shortage.'
  14. 'The indicator was then parceled out to the progeny neurons as the injected cell underwent the cell divisions as the animal developed.'
  15. 'Rice paddies in varying states of cultivation are parceled out in crazy-quilt patterns.'
  16. 'When the money was redistributed among each organization, it was parceled out and divided into 20 equal shares.'
  17. 'Examples abound of cosy sinecures being parcelled out to those who have served in constitutional posts.'
  18. 'It provides 85 percent of the state budget and is the basis of the state's optimistically named Permanent Fund, whose dividends are parceled out annually: Last fall, every man, woman and child in Alaska received a check for US $1,963.86.'
  19. 'In North Africa, meager amounts of air cover were parceled out to each ground commander.'
  20. 'Perhaps the idea is that if you parcel something out into shares, everyone gets a different piece; and therefore it makes sense to talk about A and B sharing properties X and Y, where you mean that A gets X and B gets Y.'
  21. 'Obviously there are already many signs of this but do you think the future of the internet (and technology in general) will be parceled out to the highest bidder, like radio?'
Wrap (rope) with strips of tarred canvas, before binding it with yarn as part of a traditional technique to reduce chafing.

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    1. an object, article, container, or quantity of something wrapped or packed up; small package; bundle.

    2. a quantity or unit of something, as of a commodity for sale; lot.

    3. a group, collection, or assemblage of persons or things.

    4. a distinct, continuous portion or tract of land.

    5. a part, portion, or fragment. verb (used with object), parceled, parceling or (especially British) parcelled, parcelling.

    6. to divide into or distribute in parcels or portions (usually followed by

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    Late Middle English (chiefly in the sense ‘small portion’): from Old French parcelle, from Latin particula ‘small part’.


    pass the parcel