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(of an amount) very small or meagre.
  1. 'The loss of such a paltry amount on its own wouldn't have much impact on the oil market, experts say.'
  2. 'When someone offered him a paltry amount to take the business off his hands, however, Hughes realised he was not about to give up that easily.'
  3. 'Not only is the monetary compensation being offered by the government a paltry amount, but inflation will erode its value over time.'
  4. 'They want to take the music channels to the court for paying paltry amounts for playing their music.'
  5. 'He described the 12.7m that will go towards education programmes as a paltry amount.'
  6. 'The first period totalled up a paltry amount of three genuine opportunities.'
  7. 'Though the battle of wills between the two of them is the focus of the film, it generates a paltry amount of drama.'
  8. 'Over the past few years sales have rocketed, as people look for a safe home for their investments in the face of turbulent stock markets and paltry interest rates.'
  9. 'This paltry bit extra will soon be used up once the council tax bill arrives.'
  10. 'This paltry amount isn't even enough to heat a cup of coffee, let alone travel to another planet.'
  11. 'naval glory struck him as paltry'
  12. 'He was our coachman, and my father once had him arrested, on account of some paltry offence, for twenty-four hours.'


1. ridiculously or insultingly small: a paltry sum.

2. utterly worthless.

3. mean or contemptible: a paltry coward.

More examples(as adjective)

"numbers can be paltry in comparisons."

"volumes can be paltry in/at/on dates."

"volumes can be paltry at pesos."

"flows can be paltry by standards."

"volumes can be paltry."

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Mid 16th century: apparently based on dialect pelt ‘rubbish, especially rags’; compare with Low German paltrig ‘ragged’.