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A small cardboard or paper container and the items contained within it.
  1. 'A pack of papers fell out into her lap, along with a single letter.'
  2. 'I collected my pack of cigarettes from the crate, shoved them in my back pocket and hoisted the garbage bag over my shoulder.'
  3. 'If it doesn't contain a toy or a gadget, a pack of felt-tipped pens and a chocolate bar, it's not worth its salt.'
  4. 'Frank noisily rummages around a drawer and gets a pack of cigarettes and lights one.'
  5. 'An iPod can store up to ten thousand songs in a gleaming white box smaller than a pack of cigarettes.'
  6. 'A pack of four 100g boxes in the city centre costs £1.55, while just a few minutes down the road the price is £1.39.'
  7. 'I picked up a battery charger and a pack of rechargeable AAA batteries.'
  8. 'A loaf of bread would be £1.58, a first class stamp £1.13 and a pack of batteries £21.89.'
  9. 'Moose brought in a coffee can full of pens and a pack of loose-leaf paper.'
  10. 'Hidden by accident under a bag of compost the assistant hadn't bothered to shift there was a pack of two earthenware wall hanging pots, the kind with one flattened side and a hole to take a wire fixing.'
  11. 'Canasta is normally played with two standard 52 card packs plus four jokers (two from each pack), making 108 cards in all.'
  12. 'The dealer shuffles and offers the pack to his right hand neighbour to cut.'
  13. 'Under certain conditions you can win the pile, and the object is to collect the whole pack of cards.'
  14. 'The whole pack is then placed face down in the centre of the table and the players take turns to draw cards one at a time from the top of the pack.'
  15. 'The game is played with one joker only in the pack.'
  16. 'The Joker is either the highest or lowest card in the pack again at the whim of the person playing the card.'
  17. 'When the pack is used up, all the played and discarded cards are gathered and shuffled to form a new pack to deal from.'
  18. 'Deal out one card at a time to each player until the whole pack has been dealt.'
  19. 'After the cards have been shuffled, each player draws a card from the pack.'
  20. 'When the whole pack has been dealt and the players have played their last four cards the play ends.'
  21. 'an information pack'
  22. 'A council has been forced to reprint 16,000 postal voting packs after the first batch was declared null and void due to an administrative error, it emerged today.'
  23. 'The tree warden has an information pack and will be meeting the conservation/landscape office to discuss ideas.'
  24. 'The charities which benefit from the events have provided visiting speakers and information packs outlining their work and needs.'
  25. 'The Pier Hotel at Harwich is already involved, and historical packs with information on the town will also be sent out to potential clients.'
  26. 'The class sent away for a fundraising pack and received information and ideas as to how they could raise E1,000.'
  27. 'Nomination details are set out in an information pack.'
  28. 'An information pack was sent to my home before the trial but I didn't understand all of it.'
  29. 'I would be pleased to send an information pack to anyone interested in this worthwhile scheme.'
  30. 'However, the Minister recently expressed grave concern at the low uptake rate and launched an information pack in a bid to boost parent confidence.'
  31. 'They will be accompanied by an information pack and sticker with the next two years' collection details.'
  32. 'First season's pack was 350 cases of fruit and tomatoes.'
A group of wild animals, especially wolves, living and hunting together.
  1. 'My first six months living in Thailand has brought with it many new experiences, not the least of which is contending with packs of wild dogs.'
  2. 'Red foxes are solitary animals and do not form packs like wolves.'
  3. 'At times she fell asleep in her seat and dreamed of being surrounded by packs of wild wolves.'
  4. 'Sharks of up to 4m could be picked out among the pack.'
  5. 'Thus, the potential also exists that the coyote pack was defending hunting grounds.'
  6. 'Wolves primarily hunt in packs for large prey such as moose, elk, bison, musk oxen, and reindeer.'
  7. 'About the size of a very large Alsatian, the wolf hunts in packs and will eat anything from reindeer to household rubbish.'
  8. 'He knew that they were the same pack of wolves he had seen on the hunting trip.'
  9. 'Grey wolves live in a packs of up to twenty animals that are usually related to each other.'
  10. 'The leaders of the pack of hyenas were the first to strike the unsuspecting Barbarian.'
  11. 'the lead hound gives tongue and the pack takes off, following the line of scent'
  12. 'Now, when I say fox hunting I mean the pack hounds and mounted gentry type of hunt.'
  13. 'Hundreds of packs of fox hounds, hare hounds, deer hounds and other hunts and clubs are planning to meet on Saturday, the day after the ban comes into force.'
  14. 'The poisoning of hounds forced half a dozen masters of packs of foxhounds to abandon hunting altogether, to the detriment of the local economy.'
  15. 'The farmers who have seen dozens of horses tearing up land and leaving gaps in ditches as well as packs of hounds terrorising livestock will be familiar with the magnitude of the problem.'
  16. 'This leaves the question of what would happen to the packs of fox-hounds throughout the country that would no longer be required.'
  17. 'Other people will find that a host of allied trades from country clothing to leather and tackle products, not to mention the lives of packs of hounds, will disappear.'
  18. 'Healthy hares can easily outrun foxes, but can rarely escape relentless packs of hounds chasing them for up to 90 minutes.'
  19. 'In November 2004 there were 318 registered hound packs in England and Wales.'
  20. 'The idea of grown men and women on horseback with packs of hounds, charging after one tiny animal is completely unacceptable.'
  21. 'There are ways to kill foxes to keep the numbers down and it shouldn't be with the use of packs of ravenous hounds.'
  22. 'At the beginning there were just two Brownie Packs and two Girl Guide companies with two leaders for each group.'
  23. 'Scout leaders say they feel badly let down and are concerned that if the individual packs continue to meet away from their home, their sense of group identity will disintegrate.'
  24. figurative 'Japanese cars are ahead of the pack in this category'
  25. 'Kaneb offers his thoughts on what sets Hood apart from the pack.'
  26. 'He is somehow in 8th overall, even though the rest of the pack had raced away after he fell.'
  27. 'Some leaders are looking for business tools to help them break away from the pack.'
  28. 'I could qualify near the bottom of the pack at the next race; you never know what's going to happen.'
  29. 'Three times during the race, Martin charged from the back of the pack to the front, and his reward was a fifth-place finish.'
  30. 'He is that, all right - the undisputed leader of the pack.'
  31. 'While Cejka and the rest of the leading pack continued to pick up strokes, Dyson fell further behind with bogies at the fifth a sixth holes, reaching the turn in 41.'
  32. 'Candace Parker and Courtney Paris seem to have pulled ahead of the pack in the race for freshman of the year.'
  33. 'In short, the most dominant team is the team that stood out the most from the pack in a given season.'
  34. 'He often was among the leaders in conditioning sprints after finishing well behind the pack in his rookie year.'
  35. 'this unsavoury pack of rogues'
  36. 'Carolina's offense, however, ranks near the middle of the pack in most offensive categories.'
  37. 'The young often express their reverence by gathering in odorous packs and yelling loudly at bus stops.'
  38. 'Outside the elite, the next 10 teams all appear able to beat each other on any given day and this has kept a whole pack of teams in a relatively close bunch.'
  39. 'Suddenly there is a commotion - a pack of motorcycles.'
  40. 'I gather up my trash and head back inside behind the pack of students.'
  41. 'It's fun, but not distinctive enough to stand out from an increasingly crowded pack of action titles.'
  42. 'If you're trying to get attention and separate yourself from the pack, picking a good name is one of the best moves you can make.'
  43. 'Given the choice, she would rather have been anywhere but facing the press pack last night.'
  44. 'There is such a great diverse and talented pack of bands here in the Twin Cities.'
  45. 'Just as predictably, the media pack has chased right behind the politicians.'
  46. 'I had doubts about Swansea's pack at the beginning of the season'
  47. 'It's easy to make parallels between the back rows but really a back row is only as good as the forward pack in front of it.'
  48. 'A forward from the pack should lead the team and spur them on.'
A rucksack.
  1. 'And now that you're carrying half the weight, why use a seven-pound backpack when a three-pound pack is fine?'
  2. 'Blair gathered up his pack and opened the door, still mumbling to himself.'
  3. 'There are additional features on some backpacks that add to the price of the pack.'
  4. 'Our tester was burdened with a 10-pound snowboard strapped to his already portly pack.'
  5. 'Two days per week, I backpack up and down stairs with 40 pounds in the pack.'
  6. 'I shook my head in bewilderment, stood and stretched, then gathered up my pack.'
  7. 'Schwarz lead them over to the door and quickly got something out of his pack and started to pick the lock.'
  8. 'Used to be you needed one pack for two-week treks and another for weekend overnights.'
  9. 'Camelbak's biggest pack is perfect for one-day peak ascents.'
  10. 'She got up, stretched, and rummaged through Seiriô's large pack.'
An expanse of large pieces of floating ice driven together into a nearly continuous mass, as occurs in polar seas.
  1. 'It is also unlikely that he could have gotten the idea by encountering an ice island on the polar pack, even if he had actually travelled a long distance on it.'
  2. 'More than a century of conventional wisdom says that winter, when the ice is both hard and plentiful, is the best time to travel the polar pack.'
A hot or cold pad of absorbent material, especially as used for treating an injury.
  1. 'They are often painful, and you may wish to apply a cold pack straight after the injury.'
  2. 'Suggest that they make at least six cold packs, since they could use as many as three at a time and will need to replace them after 20 minutes.'
  3. 'If not engorged, prolapses can reduce spontaneously or be rolled back using a cold pack.'
  4. 'Participants were asked to bring the plastic bag containing both saliva samples and the cold pack to the study visit.'
  5. 'Benign interventions include hot and cold packs, bandages, canes, lotions, vitamins and nutritional supplements.'
  6. 'Using gentle pressure, apply ice or a cold pack to the area around the eye for 10 to 15 minutes.'
  7. 'Cold packs can be bought at the store, or instead, you can use a bag of frozen vegetables.'
  8. 'Cold packs can be applied on the area of injury to reduce the pain and oedema.'
  9. 'Cold or heat packs may help relieve pain and swelling, and some people find that the natural anti-inflammatory arnica will bring relief, taken as tablets or rubbed into the body as a cream.'
  10. 'To reduce pain and swelling, apply ice or a cold pack.'
  11. 'So it should come as no surprise that it leads the cosmetic pack again with its new range The Makeup.'
  12. 'Instead, when warranted, use a light protein pack or hair mask followed by a clarifying shampoo.'
  13. 'A fantastic value this very handy cosmetic pack offers convenient accessories for a beautifying facial regimen -- on the road, at the gym, or in the comfort of home.'


Fill (a suitcase or bag) with clothes and other items needed for travel.
  1. no object 'she had packed and checked out of the hotel'
  2. 'Maybe I should pack my bag and grab the next flight north.'
  3. 'In the bedroom, my suitcase was packed with a few clothes, my radio alarm clock, some CDs, some books, my laptop and my diary.'
  4. 'I packed a bag, taking only a few changes of clothes and my wallet.'
  5. 'Should we be stocking up on water and packing an evacuation bag?'
  6. 'I quietly crept to my closet and I grabbed my duffle bag that was already packed with clothes.'
  7. 'Katelyn walked into her room, sitting down on her bed and watching Mary pack her small pink backpack with clothes to wear while over at the Hayes.'
  8. 'Will walked upstairs and changed into his normal clothes, and started packing a bag.'
  9. 'So, I finished packing my bag, with clothes, CDs, and stuff I would miss.'
  10. 'I packed a small suitcase, throwing my clothes inside it without any manner of care.'
  11. 'Then I quickly changed my clothes and packed my backpack.'
  12. 'She silently packed away everything except the cotton blanket wrapped around her, a piece of delicious looking bread, and the emerald.'
  13. 'His daily tasks include sorting out orders, packing the goods and transporting them to customers.'
  14. 'Unlike a lot of bands on the verge of a tour, they won't be going through the regular checklist of getting the van road-ready or packing sleeping bags.'
  15. 'The charity is even planning a portable gym that can be packed in a van and taken to village halls in the area.'
  16. 'Qualified deductions include the cost of packing and moving your household goods to your new home and the cost of transporting yourself and your family.'
  17. 'The goods are packed into ‘Aquaboxes’, which also contain a tap and filtration packet, so that they can be turned into water purification containers.'
  18. 'He had gone down and packed it all up and had it put in storage until the day would come that he could move it all up to its new location.'
  19. 'It is packed in an airtight container such as a foil pouch to prevent it from absorbing moisture.'
  20. 'If you eat a lot of ice cream the containers with lids make a great receptacle for packing the caramel corn.'
  21. 'Smaller items are packed into shipping containers for the trip back to Australia.'
  22. 'a pneumatic igloo tent that packs away compactly'
  23. 'the organs were packed in ice'
  24. 'The vital marrow was packed in ice for the flight from the USA and given to Mr Worral to help him fight the myeloid leukaemia he was diagnosed with in September.'
  25. 'Fruits that are to be eaten raw, and so cannot be blanched, are often packed in sugar or dipped in syrup before freezing, to exclude air and thus inhibit enzyme action.'
  26. 'For the most part it was meat packed in ice, thawed and heated in the evenings.'
  27. 'Glasshouse plants used for nodule enzyme activity measurements were unpotted, rinsed free of sand and packed in ice.'
  28. 'She was revolted by bags of pre-prepared potatoes, smothered in gloopy preservative and packed in plastic.'
  29. 'We advised the fingertip be packed in ice in line with Booth Hall's recommendation.'
  30. 'With no preservatives or additives, Ultra Creamy is packed in two stick boxes that retail at $2.59.'
Cram a large number of things into.
  1. 'The next few weeks in Kilcoo will be jammed packed with activities and events to suit all tastes.'
  2. 'These soft cover non-fiction titles are packed with pictures and facts about interesting figures in Canadian history.'
  3. 'A whopping 256 nonblocking Fibre Channel ports have been packed into the system.'
  4. 'Our concern is that where more stops have been packed in, or trains taken out of the timetable altogether, this will lead to more overcrowding on already busy trains.'
  5. 'Its shelves are packed with files containing charts showing daily movements in ticket sales.'
  6. 'Such a transformation can best be realized in an existing home that's packed with stuff.'
  7. 'For a small book, Tales Of The Yorkshire Coast, packs a lot in.'
  8. 'The final line-up for this year's Grassington Festival has been completed and is jammed packed with great entertainment for all.'
  9. 'For me though, this weekend was more notable for being packed with stuff that I didn't go to, and didn't miss.'
  10. 'It is packed with anecdotes from family, friends and colleagues - covering every stage of his long racing career.'
  11. 'a packed Merseyside pub'
  12. 'The Kohl Center was filled to capacity as 19,790 fans packed the stands to see the game.'
  13. 'Record crowds packed into the 60th anniversary Tockwith Agricultural Show during an exciting weekend of events.'
  14. 'Scarlett looked around the huge room which was packed to capacity.'
  15. 'A massive crowd packed into the Currane venue and they were entertained wonderfully by the excellent standard of the competitors.'
  16. 'Drawn in part by the buzz surrounding the film, people packed the theaters and formed long lines for tickets.'
  17. 'Scattered showers failed to dampen the spirits of the crowds who yesterday packed into the 250-acre showground.'
  18. 'Local community leaders from 27 villages, students and teachers packed into city hall last Thursday as part of a volunteer training seminar.'
  19. 'The spacious Town Hall in the South Mayo Capital was packed to full capacity for the 8.30 pm show.'
  20. 'The room is packed with press from all over the state and from national agencies.'
  21. 'Crowds packed into halls and bars to hear Mick's songs and stories which he had perfected to a fine art.'
  22. 'You are much better off putting the keg into an empty garbage can and packing the surrounding space with ice.'
  23. 'When the ‘toddlers' truce’ was lifted the search was on for programmes to pack the vacant hour; Twizzle helped fill the vacuum.'
  24. 'Open incisions are packed with sterile, saline-soaked laparotomy sponges and then covered with sterile drapes.'
(of players) form a scrum.
  1. 'Andy Nicol found time and space with both sets of forwards packed down; so did Bryan Redpath in the second half.'
  2. 'Brumbies coach David Nucifora was pleased with the performance of his team, especially the forwards, who where able to get on top of the heavier Bulls pack in scrums.'
Carry (a gun)
  1. 'a pistol-packing cop'
  2. 'Besides the well worn dusty cowboy boots he was also packing a gun under his green T-shirt.'

More definitions

1. a group of things wrapped or tied together for easy handling or carrying; a bundle, especially one to be carried on the back of an animal or a person: a mule pack; a hiker's pack.

2. a definite quantity or standard measure of something wrapped up or otherwise assembled for merchandising (sometimes used in combination): a pack of cigarettes; a six-pack of beer.

3. the quantity of something that is packaged, canned, or the like, at one time, in one season, etc.: last year's salmon

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be pack into holdalls."

"ships can be pack with refugees."

"informations can be pack in/at/on weeks."

"days can be pack to burstings."

"people can be pack."

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