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Friendly and socially confident.
  1. 'She was warm, friendly, outgoing, very generous and very clever, but more determined than anything else.'
  2. 'I've met a lot of commercial pilots and most of them were outgoing and friendly thanks to their charm-school personalities.'
  3. 'Others listened because of his friendly outgoing nature and warm compassion he showed toward others.'
  4. 'Neither have any of my friends - we tend to be a confident, outgoing and successful bunch.'
  5. 'She was such a friendly and outgoing person and had time for all her customers.'
  6. 'They're usually just confident, outgoing people with a great sense of fun.'
  7. 'Dominicans are warm, friendly, outgoing, and gregarious.'
  8. '‘She is quite a show off and likes playing up to a big audience and is such an outgoing and confident person,’ she said.'
  9. 'His friendly, outgoing personality enables him to fit in comfortably with any crowd.'
  10. 'Visualize yourself as an outgoing assertive friendly person.'
Leaving an office or position.
  1. 'Without further ado, the new coalition is adopting the position of the outgoing right-wing government.'
  2. 'It was the first time since 1969 that an outgoing Government had been led back into office.'
  3. 'He says he intends the next Government to stay in office for a full five years, like the outgoing Government, regardless of its political make-up.'
  4. 'Over forty members attended, and with the outgoing officers having completed their terms of office, new appointments were made.'
  5. 'The Government has committed over £200m in funding for payments to outgoing sub-postmasters and improvements to remaining offices.'
  6. 'The fact that such an offer was made at all indicates that the Kremlin is not dissatisfied with the outgoing governors personally, but with how they fit into a specific political context.'
  7. 'Earlier this year, the outgoing governor of Illinois commuted the sentences of all 167 inmates on the state's death row.'
  8. 'In a statement outside Conservative central office, the outgoing Tory leader said that the name of his successor would be announced in a simple statement tomorrow afternoon.'
  9. 'We shall respect all international and bilateral agreements signed by the outgoing government and proudly take our position in the international community.'
  10. 'The outgoing Chairman who has now commenced his tenth year in office in his acceptance speech again stated that this would be his last year.'
  11. 'incoming and outgoing calls'
  12. 'The booth had positive outgoing air pressure so that outside smells couldn't get inside and affect the testers.'
  13. 'It starts by blocking all incoming and outgoing traffic and then opening ports for specific services.'
  14. 'By early evening, traffic jams still characterised the outgoing traffic as motorists tried to negotiate their way home after a wet day.'
  15. 'It's hard to say what's causing this traffic, but you may be able to persuade your admin that it will not happen again by filtering outgoing multicast traffic.'
  16. 'Applications would be registered to send outgoing traffic.'
  17. 'In a large network, the server will have to cope with file transfers between dozens of computers internally as well as handling incoming and outgoing internet and e-mail traffic.'
  18. 'It still lacks in some areas, such as controlling outgoing traffic, but at least it provides easy protection for even the most novice users.'
  19. 'One tool lets you automatically block any incoming and outgoing traffic when your screensaver kicks in.'
  20. 'However, next week's stoppage could also ground 57 scheduled incoming and outgoing flights as well as a quantity of private diplomatic traffic.'
  21. 'He said its outgoing traffic in first half 2000 declined almost 2.0 percent compared to the corresponding period last year.'


A person's regular expenditure.
  1. 'It is a sobering thought that many people under-estimate financial outgoings after retirement.'
  2. 'However, for many whose outgoings simply exceed their income on a regular basis such a loan may prove to be a terrible mistake.'
  3. 'No doubt many of us have the odd month where our outgoings exceed our income but it seems that rather a high proportion of the population over-spend on a regular basis using credit cards and overdrafts to subsidise their standard of living.'
  4. 'Lists of regular outgoings were set out in two different paragraphs, some of them in round figures, making no attempt to separate out personal and domestic expenditure from business expenditure.'
  5. 'Make a list of your essential regular monthly outgoings (mortgage/rent, council tax, utilities) and a separate list of your debts.'
  6. 'We try to be ‘balanced’ so that outgoings do not exceed our income.'
  7. 'But when outgoings such as tax and mortgage payments are taken into account, the gap between Scotland and the most affluent regions of Britain narrows dramatically.'
  8. 'In many cases there are no records, and it is necessary to construct a ‘grid’ of the taxpayer's outgoings and expenditure for the period covered by the investigation.'
  9. 'When buying property in France you need to assume a cost of about 10 per cent of the property's price to cover outgoings such as stamp duty and solicitor's fees.'
  10. 'It is to make sure that my monthly outgoings don't exceed my income.'
An instance of going out.


    1. going out; departing: outgoing trains.

    2. leaving or retiring from a position or office: A farewell party was given for the outgoing members of the board of directors.

    3. addressed and ready for posting: outgoing mail.

    4. of or relating to food prepared for delivery or consumption off the premises: outgoing orders at the pizza parlor.

    5. interested in and responsive to others; friendly; sociable: an outgoing personality. noun

    6. Usually, outgoings. Chiefly Britis

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    "ministers can be outgoing."

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