Adjective "Oodles" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples

plural noun

A very great number or amount of something.
  1. 'It was designed to be a state-of-the-art installation, and would, it was claimed, save them oodles of money.'
  2. 'There is super, relaxing seating with safety belts for four people, two multi-positioned tables and oodles of storage space.'
  3. 'And to achieve all these must-haves of life, all that a girl needs is oodles of cash and of course television.'
  4. 'One about the first time I was published, and one about what to do as a high school writer to improve your writing, and oodles of amusing and interesting links you lot had sent me.'
  5. 'Would anybody have trouble finding oodles of examples of symptoms in the modern Republican Party matching these?'
  6. 'While putting up the show it felt like as if these children have come of age ridiculing the blemishes of the society with oodles of satire.'
  7. 'The Waterhead offers the best of both worlds - an idyllic lakeside location with oodles of contemporary chic and no chintz in sight.'
  8. 'Mercury moving forward should infuse you with oodles of get-up-and-go.'
  9. 'If I had oodles of space to spare, I'd probably follow her example.'
  10. 'The velux windows let oodles of light into the new rooms.'

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noun, (sometimes used with a singular verb) Informal.

1. a large quantity: oodles of love; oodles of money.


(oodles)Mid 19th century (originally US): of unknown origin.