Adjective "Oniony" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


  1. 'The latter are smoky, but not too smoky; fresh, not crispy; sticky with an oniony, chili-flecked syrup - and flavorful enough that they don't need the ranch.'
  2. 'The dip was oniony and lightly fishy, a perfect complement to the warm pocketless pitas that came alongside it.'



1. a plant, Allium cepa, of the amaryllis family, having an edible, succulent, pungent bulb.

2. any of certain similar plants.

3. the bulb of the onion plant.

4. the flavor or odor of this bulb.

5. Slang. a person: He's a tough onion. adjective

6. containing or cooked with onions: onion soup.

7. of, relating to, or resembling an onion.


8. know one's onions, Slang. to know one's subject or business thoroughly; be capable or proficient.