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Unfairly giving or dealing with only one side of a contentious issue; biased.
  1. 'I see your compliance to publishing this man's diary as completely inappropriate, not to say shamefully one-sided and deeply biased.'
  2. 'An egotistic, biased and one-sided approach in Washington cannot yield lasting peace.'
  3. 'The information that's in there isn't biased or one-sided.'
  4. 'I must, however, take issue with his very one-sided comments directed at club professionals.'
  5. 'Mountain said his views on this issue are not one-sided.'
  6. 'A democracy encourages free press that provides both sides of the issue, not a one-sided Party mouthpiece, which the press has become.'
  7. 'Academe is at it again, allowing a one-sided, biased article on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.'
  8. 'The topic is fuelled by the often negative press that bullying gets in the Press, often the local press which highlights the problem and over-hypes the issues with one-sided articles.'
  9. 'But I object to that becoming a very one-sided issue.'
  10. 'They abandoned their former biased one-sided view which is of course an encouraging sign.'
  11. 'a totally one-sided match had a deceptively close scoreline'
  12. 'Oozing confidence from the outset, the Jarlaths' boys were rampant in the first 25 minutes of an exceedingly one-sided contest.'
  13. 'We'd all better tune in; this could be the most one-sided contest since the Little Big Horn.'
  14. 'Tens of thousands attended rallies to express their revulsion at the one-sided conflict and the slaughter of thousands of Iraqis.'
  15. 'Australia's match against Bangladesh should be a one-sided contest with attention focused on the match against England in Bristol on Sunday.'
  16. 'He did it in sensational style as he stopped the man ranked fifth in the world after just 97 seconds of a one-sided contest.'
  17. 'And every half-footballer in the country wants to tog out for the media to make his or her name in a one-sided contest.'
  18. 'A repeat never looked on the cards as Leigh scored at almost a point a minute in a one-sided contest.'
  19. 'The fight was stopped in round eleven in a very one-sided contest.'
  20. 'The one-sided contest, which India needed to win to keep alive their hopes for a berth in the final, saw Pakistan scoring three goals in each halves.'
  21. 'Inevitably, during a lull in what turned out to be a rather one-sided contest, the assembled spectators created their own entertainment.'
  22. 'a one-sided caring relationship denies the essential element of reciprocity'
  23. 'Derrick shrugged, remembering the look on her face when she caught him and the horse involved in the one-sided conversation.'
  24. 'The paper has never published details of these one-sided conversations for fear of legal reprisals.'
  25. 'Not all one-sided relationships are unhealthy.'
  26. 'I feel guilty that Gwen and I have such a one-sided relationship.'
  27. 'Anyone who has known the joy of an animal in the house knows that it is not a one-sided relationship.'
  28. 'The one-sided conversation ended when they had to get ready for supper and Kathryn ended it by saying that Stephanie was already the best friend she has ever had.'
  29. 'So Cordelia realized how pointless their long one-sided conversations were, Kerowyn thought with the slightest air of smugness.'
  30. 'I could always hear him holding one-sided conversations.'
  31. 'It teaches us that conversations are one-sided and that disagreements do not involve compromise or discussion.'
  32. 'That's why I halted the one-sided conversations long ago.'
Having or occurring on one side of something only.
  1. 'You may get into the situation where you need to create a one-sided document in profit center accounting.'
  2. 'Therefore, when the double-sided or one-sided copy is made from the double-sided original document, the finished copy can be obtained without a reversed even page'



1. considering but one side of a matter or question; partial or unfair: a one-sided judgment.

2. with one party, contestant, side, etc., vastly superior; unbalanced; unequal: a one-sided fight.

3. existing or occurring on one side only.

4. having but one side, or but one developed or finished side.

5. having one side larger or more developed than the other.

6. Law. involving the action of one person only.

7. having the parts all on one side, as an inflorescence.

More examples(as adjective)

"places can be one-sided in approaches."

"markets can be one-sided with sellers."

"decisions can be one-sided."

"matches can be one-sided."

"affairs can be one-sided."

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