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A nuclear weapon.
  1. 'In addition to the United States and Russia, only China is believed to have a large stockpile of about 120 TNWs or ‘baby nukes.’'
  2. 'The nukes will spur Japanese deployment of ABMs and may nudge Japan toward deploying offensive forces.'
  3. 'I can make or disable virtually any explosive except a nuke.'
  4. 'The United States is now considering developing a new generation of nuclear weapons, smart nukes which could be used to bust open bunkers and destroy weapons of mass destruction stockpiled by rogue states.'
  5. 'It's always seemed to me that that likeliest scenario is a loose nuke or a dirty bomb in a shipping container.'
  6. 'In 1984, I participated in a war game featuring a Cessna rigged with a tiny nuke and flown by a suicide pilot.'
  7. 'In 1958, the US began to deploy hundreds of nuclear warheads, atomic mines, artillery shells and air-dropped nukes in South Korea.'
  8. 'Tactical nukes can be launched over an unpopulated area from field artillery guns or aircraft to halt an enemy advance or in an effort to intimidate a numerically stronger enemy.'
  9. 'There's lots of data available online about suitcase nukes, and nuclear weapons generally.'
  10. 'I assume they aren't carrying nukes - ICBMs would be the preferred delivery system in that case - so all we have are a few bombers with a few payloads of ordinary bombs.'


Attack or destroy with nuclear weapons.
  1. 'Why don't we try to destroy tropical cyclones by nuking them?'
  2. 'We might stop an attack or two by nuking every Islamic city from Tangier to Islamabad - but, come morning, we'll have to look ourselves in the mirror.'
  3. 'You said ‘send conventional troops that he can only repel with his nuclear weapons, which will cause us to nuke him’.'
  4. 'It's not a case of ‘if you're planning to nuke us, we're going to nuke you’ it's a case of ‘if we think you're going to attack us, we're going to nuke you.’'
  5. 'If it doesn't, well he can always nuke the site from orbit and claim there was a nuclear accident.'
  6. 'Not that I'm saying Shanghai ought to have been nuked, merely if victory was required, then it might have been necessary.'
  7. 'Otherwise radical moves might result in these two nations ending up nuking each other.'
  8. 'No, we didn't actually get nuked or wiped out by ebola or nerve gas; aliens didn't land on the White House lawn.'
  9. 'So, if the ultimate nightmare happens, and a terrorist cell gets its hands on a black-market bomb and manages to detonate it, the US proposes to nuke some random country as revenge.'
  10. 'There's nothing Christian about nuking Afghan civilians, nor spying on American students; just as there is nothing Muslim about hijacking planes and flying them into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre or the Pentagon.'
  11. '‘I think I just nuked the computer's hard drive,’ I said, quivering.'
  12. 'Most of us are in the indifferent camp thus allowing politicians, theologians and academics to nuke the world, while producing between them, not one thing of true value.'
  13. 'So I ended up even sicker, in bed, and in between sleeping, feeling sorry for myself, and nuking the jumping spider (the exciting highlight of the weekend), I did some thinking.'
  14. 'I have bought some more slug stoppa granules from the DIY store, which was all they had in the slug prevention line that didn't involve nuking the little b * ggers.'
  15. 'He's disappointed at his lack of strength after nuking himself in a combination carnival ride / X-ray machine, but later when he dreams about his wife's fiery death, he's so angry that he turns into The Hulk.'
  16. 'I nuked a quick burger'
  17. 'He smiled a sexy smile and unwrapped the bowl, nuking it in the microwave for about 3 minutes.'
  18. 'If I have been working all day, it's getting late and he is hungry (which he invariably is, all day, every day) then it seems sensible rather than sadistic to nuke him a shepherd's pie in the microwave while boiling up a pot of peas and carrots.'
  19. 'So I nuked a jar of Veet Warm Wax, made a little pot of rooibos tea with honey and soy milk, and set up a portable radio and portable heater in the bathroom.'
  20. 'The house was filled with the smells of after-school snacks being nuked as we walked in.'
  21. 'While waiting for the microwave to nuke our meal, w sat down on the stools in the kitchen and began to talk.'
  22. 'It's all very tasty, all very stylish and all very cold when you buy it frozen from Sainsbury's before nuking it in the microwave before your guests arrive.'
  23. 'We use technology in our cooking… we nuke stuff.'
  24. 'The food is cooked, not nuked, and cooking takes time. The slow pace suits the service, which is charming.'
  25. 'Anyway, that's by the by. The point is that whilst idly nuking the noodles I noticed that the sell-by date was October 2172.'
  26. 'She poured milk into a glass and put it into the microwave to nuke it.'

More definitions


1. a nuclear or thermonuclear weapon.

2. a nuclear power plant or nuclear reactor.

3. nuclear energy: to convert from coal to nuke. adjective

4. of or relating to a nuclear or thermonuclear weapon or to a nuclear plant.

verb (used with object), nuked, nuking.

5. to attack, defeat, or destroy with or as if with nuclear weapons.

6. Slang. to cook or bake in a microwave oven.


(nuke)1950s: abbreviation of nuclear.