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Harmful, poisonous, or very unpleasant.
  1. 'Residents quite rightly complain of flies, noxious odours, dust, seagulls and noise pollution from the site.'
  2. 'There is also a specific obligation to prevent the emission of noxious or offensive substances into the atmosphere.'
  3. 'Luckily I smelled the noxious fumes, ran upstairs and managed to extinguish it.'
  4. 'The noxious fumes are believed to have been caused by a sulphuric acid-based cleaning agent.'
  5. 'By vigorously churning the tank every day, she helps the noxious mixture rot and produce the methane that heats her tea.'
  6. 'Visitors have to contend with toxic gases, noxious fumes, and showers of hot ash.'
  7. 'It is not necessary to prove damage to health from noxious emissions in order to establish a nuisance.'
  8. 'More to the point, it involves copious amounts of rubber cement and other noxious solvents.'
  9. 'The residents say that even in fine and warm weather they also have to endure the noxious smell of sewage from their drains.'
  10. 'If the fox population is to be controlled, (as it must be) fox hunting is no more noxious than other means of doing this.'


1. harmful or injurious to health or physical well-being: noxious fumes.

2. morally harmful; corrupting; pernicious: a noxious plan to spread dissension.

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"gases can be noxious."

"fumes can be noxious."

"substances can be noxious."

"stimuli can be noxious."

"stimulations can be noxious."

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Late 15th century: from Latin noxius (from noxa ‘harm’) + -ous.