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Feeling, evoking, or characterized by nostalgia.
  1. 'a nostalgic account of an idyllic childhood'
  2. 'He worked there for 32 years and was somewhat nostalgic about the final departure of the plant.'
  3. 'In Her Shoes certainly honours that tradition but in a way that makes it much more than a retro treat for movie buffs and nostalgic oldies.'
  4. 'Great issue, great interview, which made me very nostalgic for those days when Eddie had a website and was a publisher.'
  5. 'And to celebrate, all kinds of nostalgic nonsense is being pumped out of the country's TV sets.'
  6. 'His mother's nostalgic memories had led Juan to expect a town ‘that smelled of spilt honey’.'
  7. 'Panache provides the women folk nostalgic images by reviving the art of handmade jewellery as they are now not in vogue.'
  8. 'Tapes of military marches, a drill sergeant's orders and nostalgic 1950s songs add to the atmosphere.'
  9. 'In a world where the microwave has become the magic wand of the kitchen, how welcome to read such nostalgic sentiments.'
  10. 'The factory is situated in a romantic garden and is full of nostalgic paraphernalia.'
  11. 'The steam locomotive evokes nostalgic memories of a bygone era with its glory and old age charm.'


A nostalgic person.
  1. 'With personal computers, taking a stroll down memory lane isn't for the nostalgic.'
  2. 'It was something that was proclaimed at every opportunity by the party and government leadership in official statements, and which is repeated today, and not just by nostalgics.'
  3. 'Today, it's Frank Rich's turn to join the ‘wish it were 1974 again’ crowd of nostalgics who are scratching their heads and wondering that if the media had managed to bring down a president once, why can't they do it again?'
  4. 'As with Live Aid, however, a good idea will always be revived by misty-eyed nostalgics, and since British architecture has improved more than somewhat since the 1980s, why not?'
  5. 'Many nostalgics recalled life as safer with Reggie and Ronnie in charge, as they loved their mother and could ‘sort anybody out’.'


1. experiencing or exhibiting nostalgia, a sentimental or wistful yearning for the happiness felt in a former place, time, or situation.

More examples(as adjective)

"russians can be nostalgic for unions."

"manies can be nostalgic for securities."

"strugglings can be nostalgic for eras."

"residents can be nostalgic for times."

"people can be nostalgic for pasts."

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