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Making or given to making a lot of noise.
  1. 'diesel cars can be very noisy'
  2. 'There were wild celebrations among the Irish players and their noisy army of fans.'
  3. 'It is very obvious from the many letters to these pages, and from the escalating number of complaints to the authorities, that noise and noisy neighbours are a major cause of distress.'
  4. 'The gardens were full of noisy squawking ibises and ducks and bats.'
  5. 'You may need to take a noisy toddler outside to play or into another room.'
  6. 'There are a few points in our songs were we do get loud/noisy, but we do it in a dynamic way… we are very big on our dynamics.'
  7. 'With a smile David added: ‘She was very boisterous, and very noisy.’'
  8. 'He acknowledged that the aircraft were noisy and that every effort would be made to minimise noise disturbance.'
  9. 'Other main sources of noise for residents were nearby construction sites and noisy air-conditioners at commercial complexes or restaurants.'
  10. 'It didn't help that everyone there was excessively noisy and the music from the next office, louder than ever.'
  11. 'When buying for children, look for toys which are noisy, and loud, and annoying.'
  12. 'the pub was crowded and noisy'
  13. 'The room was bright and noisy, full of women talking excitedly.'
  14. 'Just as Jacob was about to tell Rupert something they all heard a very loud, noisy, and disturbing CRASH!'
  15. 'The noisy clamor of men reacting far too late filled the air as they scuffled from side to side, screaming orders that no one particularly heard.'
  16. 'She can speak English but whispers in my ear rather than talking out loud in the noisy bar.'
  17. 'This is an umbrella term for a group of musicians in Japan whose music is primarily atonal, noisy, improvised and loud.'
  18. 'She turned to look at her friend and didn't see the car that came up behind her until it stopped in front of her, and then gave a very loud and noisy honk.'
  19. 'It could also be used by planners to restrict noisy commercial development in areas free from excessive noise or to ensure new housing is sited further away from busy roads.'
  20. 'I was suddenly aware of how noisy and rowdy the party was, and I noted the heavy smell of alcohol in the air.'
  21. 'To say that his house was usually noisy, loud, and crowded would be an understatement.'
  22. 'The restaurants in Beihai are very noisy, with most people laughing and talking in loud voices.'
  23. 'This is way more than a noisy minority - whenever members of the public hear about the full scale of the plans, they are nearly always shocked and angry.'
  24. 'Selective support for some of the projects is attracting no comment from the ever noisy and vigilant environment lobby, feeding the theory that a land grab for pals is the motive.'
  25. 'Its noisy antics to pressure companies into making changes may not be to everyone's taste but at least it has swung the balance back in favour of the shareholder.'
Accompanied by or introducing random fluctuations that obscure the real signal or data.
  1. 'Did you know that recreational mathematics is responsible for crystal clear communications over noisy channels?'
  2. 'Integrating the noisy velocity signal gave a noisy displacement signal that was not useful.'
  3. 'The technique is ideal for teasing out information from signals that are aperiodic, noisy, intermittent or transient.'


1. making much noise: noisy children.

2. abounding in or full of noise: a noisy assembly hall.

3. characterized by much noise: a noisy celebration; a noisy protest.

More examples(as adjective)

"windows can be noisy in middles."

"villages can be noisy with works."

"villages can be noisy with smiths."

"villages can be noisy with singings."

"villages can be noisy with dicings."

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