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Many and of various types.
  1. 'Secret formulae are invented to create inks to print, in multifarious shades of colour, on specially calibrated paper, to defy counterfeit.'
  2. 'And if you have an aversion to the colour brown in all its multifarious shades, be warned: it's everywhere - flooring, panelling, furniture etc.'
  3. 'Did he shoot hundreds of exposures, as fashion photographers do, examining them later in the darkroom to see which of the multifarious images was ‘the one’?'
  4. 'Born in Austro-Hungary, he went to the United States in 1842 and to California in 1849, where he engaged in multifarious activities, including politics, horticulture, and gold-refining.'
  5. 'For the next fortnight Aquarian Venus busily stretches your social horizons, whirling and swirling you through various, multifarious, interesting new possibilities.'
  6. 'Functionally, it is used to host conferences and meetings for the aluminium industry and to inform the public of the multifarious creative uses of assorted aluminium products.'
  7. 'Although, thanks to my multifarious activities, I was never quite broke, I knew plenty of contemporaries who were.'
  8. 'In the end it became very difficult to live with all the multifarious characters that inhabited his persona.'
  9. 'S.K. Vasistha's article enabled older readers to recollect the joys and pleasures of listening to the multifarious programmes broadcast on the radio once upon a time.'
  10. 'The president should call a meeting of core groups of leaders regardless of political affiliation to help tackle the nation's multifarious critical problems.'
  11. 'a vast multifarious organization'
  12. 'Your contribution to European Letters is quite impressive and multifarious: ruminations on real estate, restaurant reviews, and the recent launch of a landmark birthday book series.'
  13. 'Two years ago there was no doubt about who was number one in the Indian satellite market; today, that same pioneer is number three, even as the company's empire has become huge and multifarious.'
  14. 'One must be aware of the fact that Egyptian political culture is multifarious, and given the brevity of this paper it would be illogical to attempt to fully examine every part of society.'
  15. 'Once the important association between diplomacy and colonialism is outlined the book attempts to unweave the complex transformation from great political and diplomatic structures to a more multifarious international system.'
  16. 'Filmmakers like Bruno Dumont seem to possess an acuteness that allows them to disingenuously suggest the multifarious nature of the beauty and humour that comprise life.'
  17. 'Jones's accents are mostly right, but her diverse body language and multifarious material are always spot-on.'
  18. 'He uses these two opposing genres not only for stylistic purposes, but also as a means to explore human dynamism, and the reality that identity is multifarious.'
  19. 'Also, since the 50% figure is assessed across the field of your investments, this suits thrifty savers with a huge and multifarious pension pot, not the buy-to-let landlady with a couple of properties.'
  20. 'But the genre (so multifarious that only the broadest use of the term is possible) resisted overt absorption into the national cultural life, which was a pity.'
  21. 'You are busy and involved in multifarious activity today and need to avoid mental or physical stress.'


1. having many different parts, elements, forms, etc.

2. numerous and varied; greatly diverse or manifold: multifarious activities.

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"natures can be multifarious."

"ways can be multifarious."

"protocols can be multifarious."

"designers can be multifarious."

"activities can be multifarious."

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Late 16th century: from Latin multifarius + -ous.