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Covered with dirt or filth.
  1. 'A million pot-holes, mucky streets, traffic jams topped by heavy showers ensure a two-hour drive to the nearest mall.'
  2. 'The bus hurtled by, spraying a mucky puddle over my shoes.'
  3. 'Show officials, stewards, judges and workers were in abundance and the hands-on people could easily be recognised by their mucky boots and ill-fitting, handed down bowler hats.'
  4. 'I was walking down the main street and I saw a duck eating a dirty, mucky wet leaf - the poor things are not finding food.'
  5. 'The ground looked good from the beginning though and even on the mucky entrance to the course carloads of immaculately-dressed beauties were everywhere.'
  6. 'I stood up and kicked some dirt, it formed a mucky cloud.'
  7. 'The driver's side window opened, which allowed more water to pour into the car and also make it sink further into the mucky bottom of the ditch.'
  8. 'We crawled forward through the slimy, mucky, mass.'
  9. 'I don't know what I'd do without mine, as my back window gets terribly mucky in rainy weather.'
  10. 'Muttering and cursing to herself she pulls herself upright and finds that her trousers are covered in mucky water from a bowl that has been left on the floor.'
  11. 'a mucky mix of political wheeler-dealing and multinational corruption'
  12. 'Daily life and work is becoming ensnared in the undercurrents of mucky politics that pervades almost every aspect of work life.'
  13. 'Let us escape from the mucky world of politics for a day and enjoy the cleaner healthier world of heavy engineering.'
  14. 'On Fox, which liked to test the limits of acceptability on mainstream US TV, the series was permitted to poke about in mucky areas from which other networks would have shied away.'
  15. 'A Californian pornographer is suing Google for copyright infringement alleging the search engine's image search is giving people free peeks at its mucky pictures.'
  16. 'However, last week an ecclesiastical court gave the go-ahead - just as long as the masts met safety guidelines and weren't used to carry mucky material.'
  17. 'Xinhua, China's official news agency, reports that one of its staffers was offered mucky clips as a purchase incentive when he asked for a demo of the video.'
  18. 'He has announced that the company wants the public to send in its homemade videos - and he doesn't mind how mucky they are.'
  19. 'During that time it attracted some 16,000 hits as punters paid to watch mucky movies.'


1. of or like muck.

2. filthy, dirty, or slimy.

3. British Informal. obscene: a mucky story. nasty; mean or contemptible: a mucky trick. (of weather) oppressively humid.

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"people can be mucky in shops."

"people can be mucky."

"ends can be mucky."

"jobs can be mucky."

"workers can be mucky."

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