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Smelling, looking, or sounding delicious.
  1. 'Lunch will be eight courses, each sounding more mouth-watering than the next.'
  2. 'He had to get to the source of that wonderful, mouth-watering smell - his very life, it seemed, depended on it.'
  3. 'Food is not rationed and unpalatable, but available in mind-boggling varieties and mouth-watering flavours at affordable prices.'
  4. 'Her winning dish, Chinese Fried Rice with Pork and Prawns, impressed the judges with its creativity and mouth-watering combination of flavours.'
  5. 'Whatever you choose at Prato, the cozy atmosphere by the big, hot oven, and the mouth-watering sights and smells make a trip to this resto well worth your while.'
  6. 'When we made this dish, it was amazing how many people suddenly crept out of the woodwork, following the mouth-watering cooking smells.'
  7. 'The air was thick with the mouth-watering, sweet smell of food.'
  8. 'The seven years he spent travelling and hunting down recipes have resulted in a mouth-watering collection.'
  9. 'Now that's fine when you are inhaling the mouth-watering smell of percolating coffee or a sizzling roast.'
  10. 'Oven roasting brings out carrots' sweet side - the long cooking caramelizes the sugar and creates a delicious, mouth-watering treat.'
  11. 'mouth-watering views of the mountains'
  12. 'For the car enthusiast, the Lamborghini is a mouth-watering prospect, the car of their dreams.'
  13. 'John Sayles is often hailed as the king of independent cinema, so it is little wonder that his latest movie, Silver City, was able to attract such a mouth-watering cast.'



1. very appetizing in appearance, aroma, or description: a mouth-watering dessert.

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"prospects can be mouth-watering."

"menus can be mouth-watering."

"meals can be mouth-watering."

"dishes can be mouth-watering."

"aromas can be mouth-watering."

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