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A picture or pattern produced by arranging together small pieces of stone, tile, glass, etc.
  1. mass noun 'the walls and vaults are decorated by marble and mosaic'
  2. 'In the case of the miniature mosaic icons, these details allow the reader to scrutinize the production technique of this exacting art form.'
  3. 'Miniature mosaic icons, as suggested by preserved examples, were produced for a very limited time in Byzantium and were highly prized.'
  4. 'Down here is the swimming pool, which is 41 ft long and elegantly lined with mosaic tiles, reminiscent of the Roman style.'
  5. 'A random pattern of glass mosaic tiles adds a splash of color to the bathroom between the girl's bedroom and the shared playroom.'
  6. 'The amber mosaic panels between the long mirrors and gilding have been painstakingly reproduced and constructed by Russian craftsmen.'
  7. 'No ancient medium is more difficult to present in the museum setting than floor mosaics.'
  8. 'The themes of heraldry, religion, astronomy, astrology and the natural world are expressed in murals, mosaics, stained glass, intricate woodwork and stone and marble carvings.'
  9. 'Containing preserved frescoes and opulent glass mosaics, this remarkable archaeological discovery provides a rare insight into the daily life and culture of the period.'
  10. 'For floor mosaics, stone remained the dominant material.'
  11. 'A stunning mosaic of the Last Supper, towering 80 ft over the altar, has also been cleaned and new lighting installed to bring the church back to life.'
  12. 'the bird's plumage was a mosaic of slate-grey, blue, and brown'
  13. 'Even after flooding it looks lovely, a mosaic of meadows, traditionally managed fields and ancient woodland.'
  14. 'She stopped playing, wondering how much time she had left to practice, and her eyes were greeted by a mosaic of colors that blanketed the entire room.'
  15. 'In a contest for space, some of the anemones, sponges and barnacles sit on top of each other, creating a mosaic of contrasting colours.'
  16. 'Smith's profile of Muslims and Muslim communities reveals the rich mosaic of diverse ethnic groups of immigrants and converts.'
  17. 'The Indian rural market is a complex mosaic of mind-sets, cultures, and lifestyles.'
  18. 'The new album spans a wide selection of demographics and represents a mosaic of musical influences.'
  19. 'They called for voices that can speak for the diverse identities that make up the mosaic of humanity.'
  20. 'Today's Europe is a rich mosaic of cultures, ethnicities, and religions.'
  21. 'We are sensitive also to the values that ensure that our nation, a mosaic of diverse cultures and faiths, survives and thrives.'
  22. 'It forms a mosaic of various habitats from woodland and ponds, to herb-rich calcareous grassland, resulting in a rich bio-reservoir of flora and fauna.'
  23. 'At the end, the audience was left with the feeling that unlike the usual run of shows which are a mosaic of music and dance, here was something which had a meaning and a message too.'
  24. 'His discursive poetry touches many factors, thus transforming a linear story into a mosaic of elements.'
  25. 'He added that grazing of the area would be a better option than mowing because it would allow a mosaic of habitats - including wildflowers and grasses - to flourish.'
  26. 'It is our hope that through deeper understanding, the diverse structural mosaic of Canadian society can be strengthened.'
  27. 'Their camera used a light-sensitive mosaic that was discharged pixel by pixel as an electron beam scanned it, the discharge current intensity being proportional to the light falling on the dot.'
An individual (especially an animal) composed of cells of two genetically different types.
  1. 'For example, some people are mosaics: Different cells in their body have different chromosomes.'
  2. 'In addition, any one individual is actually a mixture, or mosaic, of DNA, half from each parent.'
A virus disease that results in leaf variegation in tobacco, maize, sugar cane, and other plants.
  1. 'The origin of the streak mosaic virus infections isn't known, Agriculture Minister Warren Truss said last week.'
  2. 'Cauliflower mosaic virus is universally used as a ‘promoter’ which amplifies gene activity.'
  3. 'In the field, it's hard to tell the difference between infection from soybean mosaic virus and bean pod mottle virus.'
  4. 'However, its high susceptibility to sugar cane mosaic virus precludes its agronomical use.'
  5. 'But during the early years of the 20th century, root rot and mosaic virus nearly destroyed the crop and the industry it supported.'
  6. 'Some commercial plantings in New York become unproductive within three years because of mosaic virus while other plantings seem unaffected.'
  7. 'For this reason, producers who hold seed should definitely start out with new seed lots every three to four years or at least have the seed lot tested for Soybean mosaic virus.'
  8. 'On the right is a micrograph of the virus that causes tobacco mosaic disease in tobacco plants.'


Decorate with a mosaic.
  1. 'Apart from an amusing shower scene, the action is remarkably stark in setting, confined mainly to the mosaicked floor of a palazzo whose crumbling foundations, strewn with old bones, reveal past grim deeds.'
  2. 'To make a high-resolution image, we must mosaic many high-resolution images.'


Denoting an individual composed of cells of two genetically different types.
  1. 'Two lines were unusual in that mutant males regularly produced mosaic progeny that had large patches of somatic tissue lacking the paternal fourth chromosome.'
  2. 'In Drosophila, mosaic flies have been extensively exploited to dissect signal transduction pathways, to determine cell patterning events and to establish the cell autonomy of gene product.'
  3. 'Evolutionists do not regard mosaic creatures such as the platypus as evidence of transformation of one basic kind of creature into another.'


Of or associated with Moses.
  1. 'The Sabbath was, I agree, a covenantal sign for the Mosaic covenant, and it certainly ceased as a 7th day covenant.'
  2. 'They believed that there was only one God and that only he should be worshipped by sacrifice or any other means - agreeing with the contents of the first table of the Mosaic commandments.'
  3. 'Israel was seen as God's son in the Mosaic covenant.'
  4. 'Israeli Jews will then have emancipated themselves at last, becoming citizens of Israel - of the Mosaic persuasion.'
  5. 'They were seen as traitors because they no longer kept the Mosaic ceremonies or submitted to earthly priests.'
  6. 'Conversely, there is the Mosaic prohibition against murder of any kind, coupled with the idea of the body and soul as God's property, and perception of suicide as motivated by despair.'
  7. 'But the orienting theme throughout the Mosaic canon is life and its blessings, the affirmation of personhood.'
  8. 'Burnet sought to reconcile a Cartesian-derived historical account of the origins of the Earth with the creation account of the Mosaic tradition.'
  9. 'Nevertheless, he argued strongly in defense of the Mosaic origin of this primary list of Ten Commandments.'
  10. 'The answer, as was suggested earlier, resides in an understanding of two pivotal covenants in the Old Testament, the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants.'


1. a picture or decoration made of small, usually colored pieces of inlaid stone, glass, etc.

2. the process of producing such a picture or decoration.

3. something resembling such a picture or decoration in composition, especially in being made up of diverse elements: a mosaic of borrowed ideas.

4. Also called aerial mosaic, photomosaic. Surveying. an assembly of aerial photographs matched in such a way as to show a continuous photographic representation of an area (mosaic map)

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Mid 17th century: from French mosaïque or modern Latin Mosaicus.