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Very foolish or stupid.
  1. 'Sarah grabbed Joe's arm and twisted it till he gave a yelp in pain, ‘You stupid moronic idiot!’'
  2. 'So why has Polly come up with what is, even by her notoriously moronic standards, an outstandingly hopeless argument?'
  3. 'To many people, their ingeniously moronic stunts set a new standard for how low the entertainment industry was willing to sink in pursuit of profits.'
  4. 'It was so stupid, so frustrating, so embarrassingly moronic, that it made her want to tear her hair out.'
  5. 'If it's not her singing, it's her stupid moronic work-related questions that drive me insane.'
  6. 'An interesting, if not ridiculous, premise is somehow overshadowed by a moronic script filled with stupid lines.'
  7. '‘There is a moronic notion that somehow we are still exploiting Third World nations,’ he said.'
  8. 'I have had similar conversations with my dad about moronic laws.'
  9. 'He is the most frivolous, obnoxious, moronic man in Scotland.'


1. Informal. a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment: I wonder why they elected that narrow-minded moron to Congress.

2. Psychology. (no longer in technical use; now considered offensive) a person of borderline intelligence in a former and discarded classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69.

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"people can be moronic."

"youngs can be moronic."

"trundlings can be moronic."

"terrorisms can be moronic."

"systems can be moronic."

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