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Relating to or consisting of molecules.
  1. 'molecular oxygen'
  2. 'This finding suggests that memory loss can in fact be avoided by drugs aimed at a small number of molecular targets.'
  3. 'In other words, the spider possesses a molecular blueprint for making the polymer.'
  4. 'The simple molecular structure of alcohol allows it to penetrate this barrier.'
  5. 'This structure opens a major gateway to the molecular understanding of transcription.'
  6. 'This work is regarded as an important prelude to examining this phase change at the molecular level.'
  7. 'The molecular mechanisms of quorum sensing have long remained mysterious.'
  8. 'The secret of how lava lamps work can be traced back to the molecular nature of oil and water.'
  9. 'For larger dextrans to enter the wall, the whole molecule or molecular segment would need to be deformed.'
  10. 'With any luck it will be made from high molecular polymers and have a large symmetrical blade with a dihedral front face.'
  11. 'At the family level recent studies of the molecular regulation of fruit development will be of interest as well.'


1. of or relating to or caused by molecules: molecular structure.

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"biologies can be molecular."

"weights can be molecular."

"structures can be molecular."

"masses can be molecular."

"levels can be molecular."

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