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Covered with a fungal growth which causes decay, due to age or damp conditions.
  1. 'It's like comparing stale, moldy, rancid bread with soggy, stale, moldy, rancid bread.'
  2. 'Beetles are frequently associated with poultry feed, preferring grain and cereal products that are damp, moldy and slightly out of condition.'
  3. 'Cool and rainy weather in late spring induced moldy conditions in the cells that caused much larval mortality.'
  4. 'Human exposure to biological contaminants in the air of damp and moldy indoor environments is a challenge for toxicological research and risk assessment.'
  5. 'A white or grayish powdery / moldy growth appears on the foliage, new shoots and buds.'
  6. 'If a cork seems damp or mouldy at either end, this is not necessarily a sign of any wine fault.'
  7. '‘It was damp, it was mouldy, there was only one scrap of curtain,’ she says.'
  8. 'Indeed, the only food he could find, and which starvation caused him to digest, was mouldy crusts of bread covered in mouse droppings.'
  9. 'It's shot in a clunky retro-futurist style, and the director declares himself influenced by Fritz Lang, filling his screen with eerie, gigantic hardware shot in mouldy, decaying, soft-focus sepia.'
  10. 'We never found out what was causing it, but I rather suspect that the carpets were mouldy from the damp.'
  11. 'Severely infected seeds appear shriveled, cracked, and elongated, and may be covered with a white, moldy growth.'
Tediously old-fashioned.
  1. 'He loved it until he played a chess game with moldy old Uncle Hooya… and lost.'
  2. 'They feel entitled to de-clutter their lives from those mouldy old ancestral obligations.'
  3. 'And I'll be stuck slaving away in some moldy old courtroom, wondering ‘what if?’'
  4. 'Capn's Final Word: More jangly versions of the same old moldy folk tunes that everyone else in the coffee shop knows by heart.'
  5. 'Now this is more fun than mouldy old CDs - we had more snow this morning, from around 7: 30 am onwards.'
  6. 'The only sign of life there today came from a mouldy old caravan, all steamy windows and grimed with neglect, where a radio was playing Sunday morning music of the popular kind.'


1. overgrown or covered with mold.

2. musty, as from decay or age.

3. Informal. old-fashioned; outmoded: moldy ideas about higher education.

More examples(as adjective)

"beans can be moldy."

"tomatoes can be moldy."

"reports can be moldy."