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Slightly wet.
  1. 'In late May, the young plants should be hardened off in a cold frame for a few days before planting in a sunny spot and a fertile, moist but well-drained soil.'
  2. 'Her eyes on his retreating form, a sigh of relief escaped Callie's slightly moist lips, and she swiped at them unconsciously.'
  3. 'Ants love sandy soil so if you add plenty of humus, such as compost, you'll end up with dark, moist, friable soil and no ants.'
  4. 'We sit there for a few minutes in a moist and slightly humid (but definitely not steamy) room.'
  5. 'I'm getting a slightly golden loaf with a moist and firm texture, and an interesting slightly fermented taste.'
  6. 'It was baked just right, nice and moist, with a slightly crispy outer crust.'
  7. 'The sods were heavy and moist and had to be handled carefully or else all the work was in vain.'
  8. 'Ten hours later, we were in Mexico, stepping off an plane into a wall of moist, hot, heavy air.'
  9. 'Where the hills were burned, the soil was already moist and fertile-looking.'
  10. 'A good time to apply them is just after a bath, while the skin is still slightly moist.'
  11. 'her brother's eyes became moist'
  12. 'Her eyes became moist, but she fought back the tears beginning to form.'
  13. 'Her nose was red and her moist eyes had swelled slightly just underneath.'
  14. 'Like his many other paintings of young people, the subject's eyes are moist, and in this case distinctly shadowed.'
  15. 'She could see his face, red with emotion, eyes moist with tears that waited to be shed.'
  16. 'There was much laughter, plus more than a few moist eyes and sniffles, which were all well-deserved.'
  17. 'His eyes were moist, and I wondered how long he'd been watching me cry.'
  18. 'She waited, continued to stare at the stars, even though through her moist eyes they were no more than a blur.'
  19. 'This is because, unlike most land animals, it does not have a tear duct to keep the eye moist and so must duck to prevent its eyes from drying out.'
  20. 'But as he looked over at her, her eyes were moist and there were tears running down her cheeks.'
  21. 'His words filled hearts, turned eyes moist, and made many doleful as he saluted those who were not with us any longer as they laid down their lives for the country.'
  22. 'It thrives in our moist climate and is relatively free of pests and diseases.'
  23. 'It was caused by a combination of unusually warm, moist weather and a down rush of cold air.'
  24. 'Our moist, or relatively moist, temperate climate is actually what underpins our biological economy and our production.'
  25. 'For example, a hot, moist climate might produce leaf form similar to a cooler, dry climate because heat exacerbates water stress.'
  26. 'I would guess that the moist weather pattern that we are currently experiencing would persist for at least a week or two.'
  27. 'Bean rust favors cool, moist weather and is further enhanced by varieties susceptible to the pathogen's many races.'
  28. 'In Victoria, many of the heaviest rainfall events occur when a depression develops over the State within an existing moist airmass.'
  29. 'Hand picking is especially effective during moist weather conditions.'
  30. 'With the onset of moist weather, spores are produced and are spread to healthy wheat plants by splashing rain.'
  31. 'Tucumán is a small but naturally fertile province, with a moist microclimate in which sugar plantations and lemon groves flourish.'
Marked by a fluid discharge.
  1. 'The gold standard in diagnosing HSV is viral culture of material at the base of a vesicle or moist erosion.'
  2. 'However, occlusive dressings should be avoided on moist lesions.'


1. moderately or slightly wet; damp.

2. (of the eyes) tearful.

3. accompanied by or connected with liquid or moisture.

4. (of the air) having high humidity.

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"tips can be moist with sweats."

"sprinklers can be moist with droplets."

"processes can be moist in stages."

"people can be moist about things."

"people can be moist about spirits."

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Late Middle English: from Old French moiste, based on Latin mucidus ‘mouldy’ (influenced by musteus ‘fresh’, from mustum: see must).