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A small quantity of a particular thing, especially something desirable or valuable.
  1. 'Personally, I feel cheated if an election campaign does not include a modicum of shameful brawling.'
  2. 'With immense power should come at least a modicum of humility.'
  3. 'Besides, I'd probably take all morning to make them make a modicum of sense.'
  4. 'But I do have the benefit of a certain modicum of maturity and experience.'
  5. 'In the book he shoots from the hip and rides roughshod over reputations, holding a modicum of his once monumental power and relishing it.'
  6. 'A little brevity, a modicum of content, and a lot less rant would be good.'
  7. 'Meanwhile, back at the old ranch house, a quiet weekend looms, devoted to rest and recuperation and a modicum of gentle fun.'
  8. 'This defeat very obviously hurt, with the backdoor of the qualifiers only a modest modicum of consolation.'
  9. 'It could make an impressive chart but I'm content with a single sheet of typing paper, a few words and a modicum of connecting lines.'
  10. 'It's done in a spirit of fun, and relies on a modicum of good faith among the participants.'

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1. a moderate or small amount: He hasn't even a modicum of common sense.


(modicum)Late 15th century: from Latin, neuter of modicus ‘moderate’, from modus ‘measure’.