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Of or characteristic of a miser.
  1. 'When you feel that everyone at the office has noticed your miserly and cheap behavior, start to make them feel guilty about their own extravagances.'
  2. 'It's something else again to start trying to prevent other men buying flowers for their beloveds, accusing them of not really being in love if they buy them flowers, and trying to make them as miserly as I am.'
  3. 'It is ridiculous to say that I was being miserly where the Royal British Legion is concerned.'
  4. 'We may very well find that we are contributing, through this niggardly, miserly provision, to further examples of leaky buildings.'
  5. 'Its consumers have been key engines of global growth, continuing their spendthrift ways even when the rest of the world turned miserly.'
  6. '‘A hundred and forty-five dollars each,’ I squeaked in miserly disbelief.'
  7. 'In other words, the majority of the top-ten contractors were actually quite miserly in their campaign contributions.'
  8. 'Generous peasants might find their farms overcrowded by beggars, whereas more miserly neighbors would profit from the relative quiet and safety thus brought about at no cost to themselves.'
  9. 'The process of going over to gaze at the bookshelves or running mental inventories is, for bibliophiles, roughly the equivalent of the miserly millionaire greedily counting the cash in his vault.'
  10. 'Everyone is expected to squeeze the last nickel out of his operating costs, a miserly attitude the industry has suffered under for close to a decade now.'
  11. 'the prize for the winner will be a miserly £3,500'
  12. 'At $62 per ton, the salt takes a serious chunk of the city's $66-million snow removal budget, which has frequently been criticized as miserly.'
  13. 'There is an impressive 72 percent support for military action if it backed by the UN but that then becomes only a miserly 20 percent if it is a bilateral US-UK effort.'
  14. 'You also get a miserly 1 GB of data - an absolute joke - that's barely 15 minutes of full-speed use per day.'
  15. 'The USA has pledged a miserly $500 million and Canada has contributed only $100 million over three years.'
  16. 'Most passengers spoken to by the newspaper, even those trudging up to 10 km to work yesterday, have been grumbling at the company rather than the drivers for what they see as miserly wages.'
  17. 'The real tragedy was that only a miserly 1,500 or so turned out to watch the game, continuing recent downward trends here on a damp and blustery afternoon.'
  18. 'However, to many it seemed to raise productivity growth by a miserly one percent per year.'
  19. 'Across the table the smoked salmon with dill cream and caviar at least seemed to have come from the species advertised, but the portion was miserly and at £6.95 it was a pricey starter.'
  20. 'Mayors, and also premiers, have long lamented the fact the federal government spends a miserly two percent of what it rakes in on fuel taxes on highway construction and maintenance.'


1. of, like, or befitting a miser; penurious; stingy; niggardly.

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"publics can be miserly over researchs."

"labours can be miserly with promises."

"hollies can be miserly with twigs."

"spells can be miserly."

"publics can be miserly."

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