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plural noun

The small, precise, or trivial details of something.
  1. 'It is packed with fascinating minutiae, and yet it is curiously lacking in some details.'
  2. 'Never before has there been so much of interest in the minutiae.'
  3. 'For most of his career at the top of rugby he left the minutiae of coaching to others, and only began to tout his tactical influence when his team started winning.'
  4. 'If anything, this is a lively book that doesn't bog the reader down in minutia, or gloss over important details.'
  5. 'Lots of it is just minutiae, but now and then there's something pretty big.'
  6. 'In the unrelenting drizzle of budget minutiae about enterprise allowance credits and reliefs, here was a clean and simple New Idea.'
  7. 'Yet it's clear he was steeped in political minutiae and imposed few limits on what he was willing to do to get the job done.'
  8. 'But he has difficulty letting go of interesting cultural minutiae and fails to keep the story moving along.'
  9. 'Most of us have been too caught up in the everyday minutiae to be bothered.'
  10. 'As time went on, I saw the vast amount of resources - and everything is now distilling into minutiae compared to what it was before.'

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noun, plural minutiae[mi-noo-shee-ee, -nyoo-]/mɪˈnu ʃiˌi, -ˈnyu-/(Show IPA)

1. Usually, minutiae. precise details; small or trifling matters: the minutiae of his craft.


(minutia)Mid 18th century: Latin, literally ‘trifles’, from minutia ‘smallness’, from minutus (see minute).