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A league below the level of the major league in a professional sport, especially baseball.
  1. 'Alan has gone into his father's law firm but dreams of making enough money to buy a minor league baseball team.'
  2. 'After his final major league stint in 1946, Libke returned to the minor leagues for three more seasons.'
  3. 'The draft was taking players from the big leagues and the minor leagues.'
  4. 'An equally interesting but seldom reported story is the adventure of breaking into professional baseball in the minor leagues.'
  5. 'We have five shortstops in the minor leagues who are going to be major league players.'
  6. 'So, if you need a minor league free agent list, head over to Baseball America.'
  7. 'He just called me from Trenton, New Jersey where he is attending a minor league baseball game.'
  8. 'After returning to the minor leagues, Parker finished his career in the Mexican League.'
  9. 'You put the ball in play more often than almost any pitcher in the minor leagues, yet you just don't give up base hits.'
  10. 'McCarthy spent 15 seasons in the minor leagues, never making it to the major leagues as a player.'
  11. 'Basically that kind of a tepid turnout proved what we have known for some time, that Winnipeg is a minor-league town.'
  12. 'Regular readers of this column know that not long ago I found myself the target of a minor-league smear campaign.'
  13. 'Eric Roberts, who can be either outhouse or castle, comes a castle here as a slick, self-important minor-league thug who wants to swim with the sharks.'
  14. 'It's okay to be wrong when you're an assistant professor and minor-league blogger like myself; the rules are different when you are the president of a university.'
  15. 'Amber's mother forces her to train endlessly, trying to recapture mom's past glory as a minor-league beauty queen.'
  16. 'Liar-liar works magnificently against the TV rookie, the minor-league humanities professor blinking into the camera from a remote studio in the Midwest.'
  17. 'Why bother squashing minor-league competitors in the Majority World when sales there are such a small slice of the pie and the industry earns obscene profits anyway?'
  18. 'Such stuff is fun and flattering to the reader's minor-league erudition in the same way as trying your luck at University Challenge is.'
  19. 'This is for all those nights in two-bit minor-league towns, for all the times he was told he wasn't good enough.'

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1. of or relating to a minor league.

2. of little import or consequence: a painter with a minor-league talent.