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The least or smallest amount or quantity possible, attainable, or required.
  1. 'they checked visas with the minimum of fuss'
  2. 'One section in the 752-page book says the goal of tax planning is to ‘pay the minimum of what is required.’'
  3. 'The Connecting the City team has carefully planned the routes to ensure they are the shortest and safest possible and cause the minimum of disruption.'
  4. 'The main concerns in schools are that the measures are introduced as smoothly as possible and that costs are kept to a minimum.'
  5. 'The work, however, needs to be done and we are doing everything we can to make sure that it is done as quickly as possible with the minimum of inconvenience.'
  6. 'Imported components are kept to a minimum and wherever possible are long life and locally maintainable.'
  7. 'So it's always wise to have an emergency recipe or two, using always-available ingredients, and amenable to be prepared with the minimum of fuss and time but to the maximum impressiveness possible.'
  8. 'Alcohol consumption should be kept to a minimum or if possible avoided.'
  9. 'Implementation of the programme worked well when run from an established home health service and required the minimum of input from other staff.'
  10. 'The Family Court is dealing with people who are in very emotive situations and need some help to try to get the best result possible with the minimum of damage to the family relationships involved.'
  11. 'Food is kept as fresh and natural as possible with the minimum of intervention in the cooking.'
  12. 'Fish diversity reaches a maximum in late summer and early autumn, and a minimum in late winter and early spring.'
  13. 'Increased weather minimums should be established for night flight.'
  14. 'Some suppliers have large quantity minimums and it may be worthwhile to go in with other area growers for an order.'
  15. 'There will be a maximum of 52 overs in the first innings if time allows and a minimum of 48 in the second.'
  16. 'Seven is gracious and the minimum allowed in such cases.'
  17. 'This is because our minimum feature size of 10 yam is also the minimum allowed by the mask manufacturer, and the variance at this feature size is 3.2 m.'
  18. 'The value of each scholarship can vary from a minimum of 3800 per annum to a maximum of 38000 over the duration of the course.'
  19. 'World-wide, estimates vary from a minimum of 50000 up to 150000 abortion-related deaths per annum.'
  20. 'In addition, the optimum angle setting for a spoiler is zero degrees, which is also the minimum allowed on Pro Stock cars by the NHRA technical department.'
  21. 'Panels a and b display the average minima recorded during the years 1979-90 and 1991-2002, respectively.'


Smallest or lowest.
  1. 'All candidate cities that meet minimum requirements and evaluation criteria to take part in final ballot.'
  2. 'In Wildlife Park, animals only need one terrain, and for other things you just need to meet minimum requirements.'
  3. 'Registered establishments must comply with national minimum standards and the requirements of regulations setting out how they are expected to operate.'
  4. 'And ING Direct does not offer checking accounts or impose any fees, service charges or minimum requirements on its products.'
  5. 'It is also envisaged that a model filling station would meet minimum safety and environmental requirements.'
  6. 'Students who meet minimum university entry requirements and are willing to pay would clearly benefit, as would universities.'
  7. 'A comparable list of minimum requirements could be drawn up for drought and other environmental stresses.'
  8. 'It seems to me that all that can be said of the Directive is that it sought to bring in minimum requirements.'
  9. 'Nasdaq has started delisting procedures against the company because its market capitalisation does not meet minimum requirements.'
  10. 'Only 13% of its pupils had attained three or more Higher passes, the minimum entry requirement for university.'


1. the least quantity or amount possible, assignable, allowable, or the like.

2. the lowest speed permitted on a highway.

3. the lowest amount, value, or degree attained or recorded.

4. an arbitrary amount set by a restaurant, nightclub, etc., as the least amount to be charged each person for food and drink.Compare cover charge.

5. Mathematics. Also called relative minimum, local minimum. the value of a function at a cert

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"times can be minimum in/at/on times."

"contents can be minimum in places."

"prices can be minimum."

"wages can be minimum."

"rates can be minimum."

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Mid 17th century: from Latin, neuter of minimus ‘least’.


at a (or the) minimum