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Very small of its kind.
  1. 'These include artificial insemination techniques for bees involving microscopes and miniature syringes.'
  2. 'Hot hors d’œuvres could be miniature savoury pastries or tiny fritters or other similar titbits; but these do not belong to the mainstream hors d’œuvres tradition.'
  3. 'After the age of two, Omani children are encouraged to behave like miniature adults, taking on duties or hospitality toward guests at a very young age.'
  4. 'But for parents whose hearts sink at the idea of a house full of miniature wedding gowns, hair jewels and high-heeled shoes, Smith points out that peer pressure can work in other ways.'
  5. 'It includes a floor mattress, miniature bottle of baby oil and a mini hand towel.'
  6. 'When he awakens, he is tied to the ground and surrounding by thousands of miniature people called Lilliputians.'
  7. 'Scarborough's seaside chalets and miniature railway are being granted a reprieve under changes to controversial proposals to redevelop the resort's North side.'
  8. 'A Romanian gang used miniature video equipment to record people at ATM machines before stealing cash from their accounts, a court was told over the weekend.'
  9. 'On Sunday afternoon resident Nev Boulton gave children and adults rides on his miniature steam railway line.'
  10. 'The souvenirs include bangles, hair accessories, belts, jewelry boxes, fans, ship ornaments, miniature daggers and others besides.'


A thing that is much smaller than normal, especially a small replica or model.
  1. 'At first glance, the portions may appear small, but don't let these miniatures fool you.'
  2. 'As miniatures of human bodies, dolls have had many meanings.'
  3. 'Here's where all the technical goodies come in - stunt doubles, location miniatures, long-lens shots - Treu spills it all.'
  4. 'Herman said proudly that he was among the writers of the Prodeo bulletin published by the boys, while Ardi bragged about his ability to change cement sacks into colorful motorcycle miniatures.'
  5. 'Residents will adorn the town's entire main street with more than 300 quilts ranging in size from miniatures to queen-sized bed covers.'
  6. 'The same goes for the gulab jaman dessert, deep-fried doughy miniatures bathed in sweet syrup, a little too dense in consistency.'
  7. 'A narrow lane in the Ahimsapuram First Street leads to his tiny workplace where he has piled up moving miniatures of automobiles and machines.'
  8. 'The strong demand for bicycle and pedicab miniatures enabled Maryanto to repay the loan in full, on time.'
  9. 'The latest collectible craze to hit Hong Kong - and Japan, Singapore and even the U.S. - are colorful plastic miniatures of street-smart punks and mutants created by two local artists.'
  10. 'Weir chose to use miniatures rather than 3D digital models for the ships, and the word is that some of the models, created at Peter Jackson's WETA shop, were up to 25 feet long.'
  11. 'Facilities are excellent, with well-stocked mini-bars that offer bottles of wine, whisky miniatures and even disposable cameras.'
  12. 'It was stacked full of miniature spirits, and mini cans of coke and soft drinks, the same kind of miniatures that you get on airline flights.'
  13. 'There is a scurrilous rumour that Charlie will welch on his bet by substituting miniatures for the 70 cl bottles he owes.'
  14. 'We always found ways round it, like nicking miniatures from the plane and putting them in our drinks.'
  15. 'The complimentary mini-bar contained two whisky and two gin miniatures, two beers, soft drinks, and bottled water; on the table top was a basket of fresh fruit.'
  16. 'I was nervous because these particular scenes were so good, so well-written I could taste the bitterness, taste the defeat in the whiskey miniatures.'
  17. 'miniatures for your rock garden'
  18. 'A keen observer can also find around the same area a tiny plant, almost a miniature of the creeper Torenia travancorica.'
  19. 'The family of orchids is the largest plant family, with a great deal of variety as well, from miniatures such as Mystacidium caffrum to the 20-foot-tall Renanthera storei.'
  20. 'He's bred miniatures as small as your thumbnail, and crossbred them to give large, ranging plants shape.'
  21. 'The aristocrats of plants grown in pots are bonsai, perfectly normal garden trees skilfully trained to grow as miniatures ranging from three inches to three feet tall.'
  22. 'For miniatures used as landscape plants, use hedge shears to maintain size.'
  23. 'The new gallery of British portrait miniatures, including this depiction of Jane Small by Hans Holbein, opens on 2 March.'
  24. 'The picture is replicated in two private collections and in a miniature at the Wallace Collection.'
  25. 'During his work on portrait miniatures Reynolds turned to the Victorian paintings that had been given to the museum by John Sheepshanks in 1857 as a core collection of British art.'
  26. 'The Age of Shakespeare is a Hilliard miniature among the full-length portraits that Frank Kermode has drawn, but that does not diminish its value.'
  27. 'Other kinds of mementoes were stored in lockets and books: locks of hair, painted miniatures, pressed flowers.'
  28. 'It comprises some twenty paintings, twenty drawings, and three miniatures from numerous public collections and the British Royal Collection at Windsor Castle.'
  29. 'Laver's second in command, Carl Winter, was a brilliant and witty Australian who was generous with information from his studies of the Constable collection and portrait miniatures, following Basil Long's work on the latter.'
  30. 'While I'm waiting for my magnifying glass to turn up I shall keep away from painting miniatures.'
  31. 'He fitted in study of the museum's European portrait miniatures and this would later materialise as a catalogue, handsome but somewhat mangled by the American editing.'
  32. 'The daguerreotype portrait assumed many of the characteristics of the traditional miniature painted on ivory or enamel.'
  33. 'a catalogue devoted to cut-out miniatures from despoiled manuscripts'
  34. 'He has not yet advised me to use the earth colours as was done by traditional artists when they painted miniatures.'
  35. 'Most of the miniatures deal with the epics and highlight religious mythology and common folklore.'
  36. 'These rather different kinds of miniatures - although not as well known as the other Mughal paintings - were patronised by Sultan Ibrahim Adil Shah II of Bijapur during the early days of miniatures.'
  37. 'Albums of Persian miniatures rather than European canvases furnished Ottoman painters with their chief models.'
  38. 'Rank favors shallow, frontal compositions reminiscent of Japanese woodcuts and Indian miniatures as well as of American folk art.'
  39. 'His image has also survived in a few panel paintings, later copies of original portraits, and through representations of the duke and his court in the miniatures of illuminated manuscripts.'
  40. 'In spite of the banners' grandiose scale, the colorful, abstracted figures and landscapes featured in the paintings were inspired by Persian and Indian miniatures.'
  41. 'That also goes for the work of Gaudi, Persian miniatures, art nouveau and everything else.'
  42. 'While the Mughal and Rajasthani miniatures chronicled wars and durbars and musical soirées, Praneet Soi's miniatures are about love and loss, about life in a changing India.'
  43. 'Dimitrova has spent the past year working on her reading of the visual text at the British Library, but in order for the project to move forward, the miniatures need to be filmed before they can be transferred to the final CD-Rom.'


Represent on a smaller scale.
  1. 'In exchange, he offered his own likeness - ‘a picture of the old gold hunter, so you may compare the doctor (as miniatured and sent to mother in '49) with the gold hunter of the present.’'


1. a representation or image of something on a small or reduced scale.

2. a greatly reduced or abridged form or copy.

3. a very small painting, especially a portrait, on ivory, vellum, or the like.

4. the art of executing such a painting.

5. an illumination in an illuminated manuscript or book. adjective

6. being, on, or represented on a small scale; reduced. Idioms

7. in miniature, in a reduced size; on a small scale: The zoo exhibition offered a jungle in miniature.|-

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"versions can be miniature."

"railways can be miniature."

"roses can be miniature."

"transmitters can be miniature."

"people can be miniature."

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Late 16th century: from Italian miniatura, via medieval Latin from Latin miniare ‘rubricate, illuminate’, from minium ‘red lead, vermilion’ (used to mark particular words in manuscripts).


in miniature